Often the cards I pull for the week will stand independently from one another, even while having a common thread that brings them together.  This week, the cards spelled out a story – even before I listened to what each one was saying.

The story I see this week:

  • It is time to face our truth before things can change.
  • Ask: What do I need to move out of the way, what do I need to heal to move forward?
  • It is time for stepping up to help change things – taking a personal interest, being a leader.
  • Nothing happens without those “action steps”!
  • The changes / metamorphosis is happening.  Allow the miracles to come in.
  • It is time to begin to creating a new life, new ideas, new projects…
  • Embrace your true self, and allow your unique spirit to shine.





Changes are happening that will help you step into your true destiny. Some of these changes you will have to initiate yourself, others will come to you. How challenging they are depends on where you are on your personal path.  And, on how much you resist.



Be the Light that helps others find their way out of the darkness.






For this week’s reading, I am using Dense Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards

18 March – Sunday, Dwelling in the Truth     Look into the mirror and see yourself. What can you celebrate about yourself? have you been avoiding? Look through the eyes of love, but look honestly. To move forward, we need to acknowledge both the light and dark. It feels like a good day for some Ho’oponopono work, doesn’t it? (This is my fav version on Youtube!)

19 March – Monday, Breaking Barriers     As the New Moon begins to grow, envision yourself breaking through the things holding you back: fear, frustration, procrastination… See these things falling away, leaving your path clear. You are no longer bound, you are free to move ahead and see where life takes you!

20 March – Tuesday, Making a Difference     We never know the difference we can make in a person’s life, simply by being ourselves. The power of a smile, a helping hand, a kind word or gesture. Something as simple as these has the power to transform a person’s day – and possibly save a life. What are you doing today to make a difference?

21 March – Wednesday, Taking Action     Let’s face it, we can wish for something to happen all we want, but if we don’t do something to help things along, chances are it will either take a lot longer or not happen at all. What is holding you back from actively participating in your dreams? Promise yourself to take at least one positive action step today.

22 March – Thursday, Emerging into Grace     You have put things into motion. Now is the time to open yourself to receiving. Allow Grace into your life, and expect something joyful as the positive energy you sent out is beginning to return to you. Share the joy with others to bring in even more.

23 March – Friday, Giving Birth     Today is full of creative energy, and you are overflowing with new ideas. Use this time to showcase your talents and dazzle the people around you. This can lead to new opportunities and offers, where you will be able to shine as you are meant to. Take that chance.

24 March – Saturday, Coming into Power    Why do you hold yourself back? Stop giving away your power.  Claim it as your right. You are amazing, you are so beautiful in your uniqueness. Let go of the fear, step into the light, that brilliant, dazzling light that you are. The World needs you so very much, my friend. Be the light.



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