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Lizbeth Russell, M.Ed, HHP, RMT

Intuitive Wellness Mentor, Herbalist, Reiki Master-Teacher, Artist, Author, and Teacher. 

Trying to figure this whole “wellness” thing out, but can’t seem to find the answers you need?  Do you feel like no one’s listening, and that the mainstream methods just don’t work for you? Why not check out what I offer, and if it resonates, schedule a consultation, reading, or Reiki session. Together we can help you get on the path to wellness, and create an oasis of self-care on your journey to self-love.


Upcoming Live Workshop Series


 Join me for a 7 week meditation program on Earthworking* 

The Healing Through Earthworking Meditation program will be launching soon!.  This is a 7 week series, including a free introductory class where I’ll give you all the deets.  But here’s a little preview to get you started:

In this Meditation class series we journey, through meditation, to different parts of Mother Earth, exploring the beauty and gifts she provides, and offering healing and support to her, and any who live there.  This series of Earthworking Meditations will help you grow not only your meditation practice, but also improve your energetic healing skills, and strengthen your “clairs”.  You will also get the chance to learn about and work with elementals.  The best part is that you can use these techniques over and over again, as well as apply them to other areas of your life.

All you have to do is sign up to be notified with the link below, and then join the FREE group on Facebook » Meditations for Mother Earth.

I’ll see you at the event!

*Earthworking: A blend of meditation and energy healing directed at Mother Earth with the purpose of healing.  (Copyright Pending)

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