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Kundalini Reiki – Kundalini Reiki was developed by Ole Gabrielson, a Meditation Master from Denmark.  It is based on channeled teachings from the Ascended Master Kuthumi. Like other forms of Reiki, is an energetic healing modality, and is channeled through intention, whether with oneself or others.  This form of Reiki uses no symbols.  

This class includes All 3 levels of Kundalini Reiki, plus additional attunements in Birth Trauma, Cristalline, Diamond, DNA, Location, & Past Life Reikis. All materials provided, and students receive a Certificate upon successful completion of course. 

Cost: $111 for everything listed above.  

Local classes are completed in 1 day.  Online classes are completed in 3 weeks (one week per level to allow student to practice).  Individuals and groups up to 10 are welcome. 

*Online groups: it is important that you commit to attending each class.  While replays will be available, your participation is crucial in getting a solid grounding as a Kundalini Reiki practitioner. 


Edible Weeds – It may sound weird, but many of the weeds in our own backyards have great nutritional and medicinal value.  Learn how to identify and use plants in your own back yard.  This can potentially save you money on your grocery bill, and provide you with herbal remedies for your medicine cabinet. 

This class includes:  Plant identification, basic herbal information, some recipes and/or ways they can be used, and how (& where) to harvest safely and ethically. *All materials are included.

Class location:  Your own backyard, or a local park.

Cost: $30 for everything listed above.  

Local classes only (Corning/Elmira area). Individual students (contact me if interested in doing a group class). 

*Please remember that weather may impact this class. It can be taught rain or shine, unless weather is severe.  Workshop can be rescheduled, if necessary.  

*This workshop is only taught May-October, due to weather and plant availabilty.  If you want to learn more about how to use herbs, contact me about hands-on workshops for salves, teas, bodycare products, and more. (Hint:  This is a great party idea!)

Backyard Forager – First Aid Salve Workshop – This workshop is for anyone 12 and up who likes creating healthy products that are easy and quick to do. It is a hand’s-on experience where you will learn an easy technique to make an all-natural first aid salve using plants foraged from your own backyard.  Learn the basics of choosing & preparing your plants, how to infuse in oil, and creating the salve.  All materials are included: 2 oz tin with salve, written instructions, labels, and lively conversation!

Limited to 10 participants

ANGELIC MANIFESTING Angels & Manifesting your dreams, the perfect partnership! Learn about Angels, Affirmations and the Law of Attraction, and how these work hand in hand. Have an Interactive Angel Discussion, create a Vision Board or Vision Box, and participate in a guided Angelic Meditation. All materials included with this local workshop. Groups of 3+

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