Angel Readings

Angels are beings of love and light. They bring us messages that are uplifting, gentle, and often will be very “to the point”. Angel Readings are a great way to get clarification and guidance for many aspects of our life.

Cards may be used as a starting point, although the messages are channeled from Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and other Beings of Light. The guidance they give can often provide us with a new perspective.

No message is cut in stone. We all have free will, and the decisions we make moment to moment can change the outcome of any situation. Readings are guidance sessions, and provide a potential outcome, rather than predictive.  Open-ended questions are encouraged, as this will allow for a more in-depth reading.

Angel Card & Mediumship Readings can be conducted in person (local only), or via email, phone, Skype, or Zoom.

30 minutes – $60 – Ask away! We will get through as many of your questions as time allows.
60 minutes – $100 – A more in-depth reading to cover more information. Again, we’ll get through as much as time allows.

If you are local, and would like to schedule a session with me at Mystic Rose Magick, please call 607-438-2770.  I will be at the shop on the following dates: October 7 & 21 from 10-2 for readings.  To find out more about Mystic Rose Magick, visit their Facebook page @MysticRoseMagick

Please make sure you’ve read and understand our Privacy Policy and Reading Guidelines.

Angel Gatherings

Angel Gatherings are for groups of 3-8.  Gatherings are 2-3.5 hours, depending on the number of participants.  The event will begin with a short discussion about Angels, followed by a short guided meditation for all participants, to help connect with our Guardian Angels.  Individual, private sessions (of ~10 minutes each) will be given to each participant.  During the private reading times, the rest of the group will have the opportunity to do some creative Angelic Activities.  The Gathering will lend with another short discussion with Q&A time, as available.  A non-refundable deposit is required for Angel Gatherings. (Local venues only)

*Please feel free to contact me to arrange gatherings of different numbers of participants.

Please make sure you’ve read and understand our Privacy Policy and Reading Guidelines.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Lizbeth is a Certified Angel Practitioner™ and Certified Angelic Medium™ who started reading Tarot cards in the early 80’s.  In addition to being highly intuitive, Lizbeth often receives messages from, and works closely with spirit guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters and other beings of light.

Readings with Lizbeth are constructive and positive, with the intention of helping clients for their best and highest good.  She provides meaningful feedback with minimal fuss.

Additionally, Lizbeth respectfully declines third-party requests, to assure that all readings are completed with appropriate permissions.  She also respectfully asks that only one question at a time is asked, so that she may focus more energy on receiving the clearest response.

Lizbeth has over 20 Tarot and Oracle Card Decks, and will use the deck that she feels intuitively will best answer your question.


Via Skype, Zoom, or in-person (local only):
30 minutes – $60 – Ask away! We will get through as many of your questions as time allows.
60 minutes – $100 – A more in-depth reading to cover more information. Again, we’ll get through as much as time allows.

Via email, or in-person (local only):
Month Ahead – $50  –  Do you have a special event or challenging situation coming up? This reading is perfect for getting some focused guidance.  (1-3 Questions)
Full Year Ahead – $100 – One focus question (on business, family, love, etc.), 1-3 additional questions.  This in depth reading uses 17 cards. Client will receive .pdf chart with each month’s card, basic meaning, Angelic insight and one card for each quarter.  It includes a separate meditation chart with potential focus points & the corresponding Archangels who can help.

Email Reading:
General – $50 – Ask up to 3 questions, and receive guidance and messages specifically for you.  Your reading will be sent via .pdf within 7 days of booking. Please make sure to provide a working email address* where the file can be sent.  Readings average 1200-1500 words when complete.
Quick answer – $30 – Need an answer quickly? Submit your one (1) question, and Lizbeth will get back to you within a few days (generally 3 working days). Please make sure to provide a working email address* where the file can be sent.  Readings average up to 1000 words when complete.

*Your email address is safe with us. We will never share your email. Period.


Please make sure you’ve read and understand our Privacy Policy and Reading Guidelines.


Reiki is a Japanese technique often used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The name Reiki means “Universal (rei) Life Force (ki)” in Japanese.

This energy modality is non-invasive. It works with the energy meridians in the body to help bring back balance. This allows the body to focus on healing. Reiki flows to where it is needed (Think “smart” energy). It is great for relaxation and stress relief, may help with pain and other issues. A practitioner can use non-touch or light-touch, and sessions can last from half an hour to one hour +, depending on what the client asks for & what is needed.  Reiki can be given in person or via distance sessions.

The Reiki practitioner is not a “healer” as much as a “facilitator” who channels the energy into the client, helping the client’s body to restore balance and allowing the body to do any actual “healing”. This modality works with any medical treatment, and is never harmful.

Distance sessions are scheduled at the client’s convenience, as the energy is able to cross time, space, dimensions, and realities. You only need to be where you can relax (or sleep!) when receiving. You will be contacted afterwards, to discuss any information that came up during the session, via phone, email, or Skype/Zoom.

Lizbeth uses a blend of Usui, Kundalini, and Angelic Reiki with clients. If a client wishes, a Kundalini-only session can be given. Kundalini alone allows for a much quicker session, and can provide very profound balancing healing, in a much shorter amount of time.  Kundalini energy is very powerful, and not for everyone.  Sessions are approximately 30 minutes, with energy given for only 10-15 minutes. Kundalini Reiki may be helpful with Birth Trauma, DNA, & Past Life issues, as well relationships – both past and present.

INTERESTED in becoming a Kundalini Reiki Master?  Check out the Workshops page to find out about my class options (can be done via distance!)

*Reiki is not a replacement for medical advice. Always consult with your licensed medical caregiver for medical questions and needs.

*Lizbeth is a Usui Reiki Master and a Kundalini Reiki Master-Teacher.

*As a Reiki practitioner, Lizbeth cannot diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any illness, disease, or medical condition.

*Always consult with your primary licensed medical healthcare provider.

Use & Privacy POLICIES (Angel Readings and Oracle/Tarot Cards):

Purchase of your reading indicates understanding, agreement and compliance with policies, so please pay attention to the fine print!

By purchasing a reading, the client affirms they are at least 18 years old, and that this reading is for themselves and not a third party.

Readings are not a substitute for professional medical advice.  When in doubt, please see a licensed medical provider (the same for legal or financial matters).

These readings are for guidance only, and the client is reminded that the only “predictions” are for potential outcomes; and that day to day decisions may impact the final results.

Readings will be completed within one week, and sent to the client email provided with a .pdf transcription, and include a photo of the cards used.  If requested in advance, a recording of the reading can also be sent (via Dropbox). *note:  email addresses are kept confidential and never shared.

Readings are completed once payment is received.  Payment is non-refundable once the reading is completed.

When booking your reading, you will need to send me an email with your question.  If I do not receive a question, I will give you a general reading.

Guidelines for Readings (Angel Readings and Oracle/Tarot Cards):

*Please phrase your question for information rather than a Yes/No answer.  Timelines, due to variables, are “potentials”.  Include name, gender, birthdate and the email where the reading is to be sent.  Please do not give the “back story” or additional information, as this can cloud the reading. No attachments, photos, etc., will be accepted.

* I do not do readings for: “3rd Party”, Entities, Ghosts, Curses or Illegal Activities.  This reading is not a “psychic channeling”, and ethics may prevent me from reading for certain activities.

*While I do my best to provide you with clear insight, please understand that you may hear something different than you were hoping for.  I do promise to always be kind, and because I work with Angels and other Beings of Light, the messages are never “doom and gloom.”