Intuitive Holistic Wellness Coaching


…aims to work with the whole individual through addressing physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

Body – Mind – Spirit

Incorporating a multi-faceted approach that includes working with lifestyle habits, nutrition, exercise, meditation, herbs, alternative approaches*, the client is able to find balance and bring health back into their life. As an intuitive, as well as Holistic Health Practitioner, Lizbeth incorporates both education and intuition when working with clients.

Holistic Wellness clients will also explore their local wellness resources and opportunities.

* These services are not a replacement for seeking medical advice.  Always with a licensed healthcare professional.

Chronic Pain Support

CHRONIC PAIN SUPPORT  – Complementary Scan

Read about why I am making this offer here.

What is the Energetic Scan, and what can it do for me?

The actual name for this energetic scan is Byosen Reikan Ho, which comes from the Japanese language, and means “Body Health”.  It works with Hibiki (resonance) to pick up vibrations that indicate that something is out of balance.

When the body is in a state of imbalance, dis-ease can happen, opening the door to problems that can affect mind, body, and spirit.

The BRH scan of the energy field will reveal hot spots of imbalance, which I may notice as a color, texture, heat, or simply a “tug” in the field.  Best of all, this is non-invasive, and can be done from the comfort of your own home – you won’t have to do anything special to receive it!

This then allows us to find a starting point for where to focus.  Additionally, it will help determine if an alternative adjunct would be right for you, allowing you to take steps in being proactive in finding a solution.

Benefits of this scan include pinpointing some areas to target with Reiki, herbal protocols, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

If you are feeling lost and frustrated with trying to find a cause and solution for your chronic pain, this scan may be right for you!

*The small print*

BRH scanning is an energy-based modality which requires permission from the recipient.  By signing up for my complimentary energetic scan, you are agreeing to allow me to tap into your energy field to complete the BRH scan.

This permission is only for the scan, and no other modality or service (Reiki, etc.) will be provided during this time.

Results of the scan will be shared only with the recipient.  This will be done during the scheduled consultation session, where we will chat about the scan and possible steps forward. A phone number (or Skype contact) is needed for the consultation session.

Upon request, the recipient will receive a written copy of the findings after the consultation session is complete.


Please note:  No scan will be completed until a consultation session has been scheduled.

* These services are not a replacement for seeking medical advice.  Always consult with a licensed healthcare professional.

Stepping Stones Coaching Program™

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who feels “stuck in the road” and wants to remove the blocks that make them hesitate, procrastinate, panic & stop in their tracks.
  • Anyone who is willing to try something new to make better progress in life.

What makes this program unique?

  • The tools, techniques, and how they are put together to meet the individual needs of the client.

What are the key components?

Identify & work on…

  • what the client’s specific “roadblocks” are and how they are manifesting.
  • how, when & why these roadblocks were created.
  • some ways those roadblock can be dealt with (+/-)
  • techniques & tools for the client to work with

A “typical” consult

Initial meeting:

Lifestyle inventory, including diet, exercise & spiritual practices. An overview of health needs, concerns & goals with discussion on how to make changes, followed by scheduling a doctor’s visit, if necessary, for a physical exam.  A short Reiki session may be included, if appropriate for the client’s needs.

Follow up meetings may include:

  • Nutritional planning, including a Grocery shopping trip & cooking instruction
  • Exercise regime planning
  • Meditation instruction
  • Reiki sessions
  • Herbal protocols
  • & more…


// Disclaimer //

As an HHP, there are certain things I can and cannot do.

What I can do: Help my client review their current lifestyle and plan out options for improving their health.  I will refer my client to licensed healthcare professionals for medical needs.

What I cannot do: Diagnose, Prevent or Cure any illness, disease, or medical condition.

Always consult with your primary licensed medical healthcare provider.