Despite the full moon coming up this week, it should be a fairly smooth week.  Find time to meditate and be still, as your Guides, Angels, and Spirit are bringing messages to help you find your way, and open the door to your dreams.



  • Be yourself.
  • Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Pay attention to signs.
  • Listen for guidance.
  • Sometimes you create your own “doors.”
  • Take that chance.







For this week’s reading, I am using Diana Cooper’s Unicorn Cards

21 October – Sunday, 17 – Laughter     So much change. So much chaos. So much… of everything going on. The feeling of “overwhelm” is, itself overwhelming. Time to lighten things up. Play a game, watch a comedy, dance, or hang out with friends. Do something FUN.

22 October – Monday, 4 – Choices    Sometimes the choices in our lives can make us feel frozen. Breathe, my friend, because you are not alone. You have many wishing to guide you, if you are willing to listen. Breathe, connect, and receive.

23 October – Tuesday, 27 – Seeking Good     Looking for the silver lining is important right now. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, the solution that sparks your interest first could actually be the answer you’re looking for. Sometimes the right solution is the most unlikely.

24 October – Wednesday, 28 – Service     Today’s full moon is perfect for releasing things that are no longer a positive part of our life. Move ahead with projects that make your heart happy. Through this, you are able to better serve others, as well as yourself.

25 October – Thursday, 13 – Honesty     Stand your ground, be authentic, and don’t allow your ethics to be swayed by the crowd. Our path is smoothest when we are true to our ideals. Listen to your inner guidance, your Divine Compass, and remember who you  are.

26 October – Friday, 33 – Listening     Turn inward, and listen to your heart. What is it telling you? The guidance you seek is within, through your Higher Self and your Guides. Pay attention to your dreams, as well, as we often listen more closely when we’re asleep.

27 October – Saturday, 22 – Openings     Pay attention to the doors opening around you. Not all of these doors will be easy to see, but remember that you can also create your own doors.  Where do you wish to go? What do you wish to learn?




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