We Are One.

Each person who walks this Earth is a spark of the Divine – all of us. This Spark goes deeper than any religion, is stronger than any faith, and brighter than any star.  It is our true essence.


Honor the Path.

There are as many paths to Spirit as there are people in this world. No one shares the same path that you have. Honor this.

Allow Healing.

Free will means that we can choose not to heal, not to change, not to move forward. Consider where you are and make the choice.  Isn’t it time you realized that you are worthy?  Acknowledge, forgive, and move forward.






Love is the answer.

If we could only see each other through Divine Eyes – we could see how amazingly beautiful our souls are. Every one of us. Yes, every. single. one. Honor that, even if you can’t see it. Trust. Believe.







For this week’s reading, I am using Diana Cooper’s Dragon Oracle Cards


4 February  – Sunday, Air Dragon     Perspective. Sometimes we just have to change it. If you’re feeling stuck, or like you just can’t win, try tackling things from a different direction. Whatever you do, make sure you are doing more than just thinking positive” – action is required for true change.

5 February  – Monday, Sunshine Yellow Dragon     Seeing through the eyes of others can help us grow. Being an advocate for those who need a voice can change our entire world. Step up and speak up. Do so with kindness and compassion, as well as conviction.

6 February  – Tuesday, Omega Dragon     What is your hearts’ desire? It is time to look to that dream. Connect with Spirit, your Angels (and dragons!) to help you bring this vision into clarity and remove obstacles, so you can begin making it happen. Know that you are supported and encouraged on your path.

7 February  – Wednesday, Source Dragon     Find a moment today to meditate or pray, and to simply listen to the guidance you are being given. When things seem too chaotic, return to the still point to re-focus your intentions, as needed.  You are emerging. Embrace the change.

8 February  – Thursday, Blue Dragon from the Pleiades     You are healing at the source level. Allow this to happen, as it will help you you’re your balance and purpose.  This, in turn, opens you up to helping others heal. You are becoming the ripple in the pond…

9 February  – Friday, Orange Dragon     Within all of us is the spark of the Divine. Sometimes it is a challenge to see it in those who don’t share the same point of view as we do, but it is still there. Today, look for that Divine Spark in everyone you meet. Honor their path as you honor your own.

10 February  – Saturday, Rose Pink Dragon      Open your heart to Divine Love. Let it fill your heart, and flow through you to everyone and everything around you. Everyone is worthy of this love, without exception.  It is the energy that binds us all together. Today, look at the world through the eyes of Divine Love.




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