As we are entering the autumnal season, there are lessons we can learn from Mother Nature, honoring not only our Earth, but also what we, ourselves, have accomplished over the last year.

Take a look at the good and bad in your life.  Was the good fulfilling? Did it help you grow as a person?  What lessons did the bad contain?  Were some things maybe not as bad, in retrospect, as you may have thought at the time?

This is the perfect time to journal your ideas, feelings, and perspective. See what things continue to come up for you, and maybe need a change of perspective.


Some things to consider:

We are afraid to show our vulnerabilities, afraid that people will take advantage of them. Yet our vulnerabilities are also our strengths. This is the oh-so-human part of our being.

Celebrate it, own it!


The full moon energies, along with solar storms are continuing to cause some chaos with many of us. Cosmic lessons are returning, some of them rather forcefully, begging us to heal them so we can move on.

Listen, take a look at them from a different perspective, and see if it’s time to release them for good.


Show others (especially your children!) that you love yourself enough to take care of yourself. This, in turn, teaches them the importance of self love and self care. We are often taught (especially as women) that everyone else should come first. This is a belief cycle that must be broken – or we, as women, will remain broken ourselves.

Love yourself first, take care of yourself first.


For this week’s reading, I am using Steven Farmer’s Earth Magic Oracle Cards

23 September – Sunday, Meadow (Vulnerability)     Allow your fears to move aside, and know that you are safe to take that chance – to step on to the path you have been dreaming about. The world needs more people willing to step forward into their truth. Being vulnerable is your strength.

24 September – Monday, Milky Way (Perspective)    Feeling like your past is haunting you? As those memories come up for healing, consider looking at them from a different perspective. If we keep looking at things the same way, we will see them forever in the same way. Change your perspective, change the outcome.

25 September – Tuesday, Desert (Vision Quest)     It’s time to get some answers. What you seek, however, won’t come from someone else. Make time to go within, preferably in nature. Meditate or pray for guidance. Be as specific as you can with your question to get a clear answer. Journal your experience. The answers lie within.

26 September – Wednesday, Cave (Sanctuary)     The full moon and solar storms last week have caused a lot of chaos with many people.  Take a cue from Mother Nature, and release. Do this through physical activity, meditation, music, or other activity. Find your “sanctuary”, and allow yourself let go. Withdraw, rest, and renew.

27 September – Thursday, Gaia (Nurturing)     Stop trying to do & be everything for everyone else. You must take care of yourself, and yes, you deserve to come first for a change. Honoring yourself is something we often learn the hard way. Take time today to explore ways you can nurture your own being. You deserve it.

28 September – Friday, Lightning (Power)     Power has the ability to build, or destroy. How you use it is up to you. Own your personal power. Conscious awareness of how you are using it is important. Use your words and actions wisely, as they are the instruments you wield your power with. Creativity with compassion is important.

29 September – Saturday, Ceremony (Invocation)     It’s time to reconnect with your spiritual practices. Yes, life sometimes gets in the way, but we need to take the time to nourish ourselves spiritually, as well as physically. Having a good relationship with Spirit helps us heal old wounds, learn from our mistakes, and grow.




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