Messages from the Linden Tree, for April 2021

We put boundaries in place to help us be our best self. Over our lifetime, these boundaries will shift and change in strength and purpose.

As we move into the beginning of the second quarter of 2021, it is a good time to do a check on boundaries and make any changes necessary.

Questions to explore this month: 

  • What boundaries do I have in place?
  • Are my boundaries healthy ones?
  • What can I do to strengthen my healthy boundaries?


Maintaining healthy practices can help us be more confident. It makes self-care easier, which, in turn, helps bring balance into your life. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Now, let’s explore what April specifically has waiting for us.


For April, I am using Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle Cards  





April 1-10, All Paths Lead Home     The only one who can truly answer your questions is you. Introspection and inner work will give you the answers you seek.  Listen to your intuition and look for clarity through meditation and connection with your Higher Self.  Pay attention to where your energy is focused and make changes for the positive through healing inner wounds.

April 11-17, Activated Earth       Trust is sometimes elusive for those who have been hurt. This includes injuries we’ve gotten due to bad decisions. Remember that mistakes are how we learn. The trick is finding the power within ourselves, and the confidence, to trust that we’re going in the right direction. You are stronger than you think.

April 18-24, Deep Cellular Healing     A week to focus on balancing and healing your energy and physical body. Follow your intuition, and if you need extra protection – through boundaries, energy work, or even physical means – listen to that.  Sometimes our bodies know before our conscious thought realizes it.   Take time to nurture yourself.

April 25-30, Water Your Garden     Self-care continues this week. Focus on nurturing your dreams through daydreams, planning, gaining clarity, and rest. Get a massage, go for a walk, take a nap – do whatever nurtures you in body, mind, and soul. The self-care routine you set up now will help create a positive path toward your dreams.




As an Angel Intuitive, Channel, Certified Angel Practitioner™ & Medium™, and Certified Archangel Lifecoach™ , who has been working with Angels all her life, Lizbeth brings loving, uplifting messages and angelic advice to clients, guiding them on their path to self-love by creating an oasis of self-care through angels, herbs, Intuitive Holistic Wellness Coaching and Reiki.


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