This week has rather introspective energy. We are being encouraged to nurture ourselves, and seek solitude and quiet as needed.

The New Moon today is the beginning of a new phase in or lives.  For some this means a new path, entirely. One that brings you more in line with your destiny.




Others may try to dim your light, but stand your ground. The World needs your unique light.


Take time to boost your self-care routine, and to release anticipation of how things will manifest. Find time to pray, meditate, commune with nature, and – most importantly – relax.




Focus on the moment, and be present as much as you can be. You won’t want to miss all the exciting things coming to you. While you won’t be manifesting everything this week, you will see the seeds beginning to sprout.


Enjoy the journey.




For this week’s reading, I am using the Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray.

9 September – Sunday, The Myriam (Sacred Vision)     It is time to forgive. Holding on to anger or grief is draining, and not productive. Whether forgiving ourselves or others we are acknowledging our humanity, and creating the opportunity for healing. Do this with love and compassion, and the healing can be profound.

10 September – Monday, Charity (Prayer and Contemplation)    Random acts of kindness, senseless acts of joy. Doing for others brings blessings to you, as well as those you help. Remember that these acts of kindness also include yourself. Today, be open to receiving the blessings coming your way.

11 September – Tuesday, Mercury (Open Communication)     Step into your power and speak up. What has been troubling you may easily be resolved by a simple conversation. Listen to your gut, speak gently, and remember that there is more than one perspective. Communication goes both ways, and is more productive when we listen.

12 September – Wednesday, Hilarion (Divine Healing)     It’s okay to say no when things get overwhelming. Especially if you are someone in service, who always puts yourself last. Step back, rest, and replenish your own energy before trying to help someone else. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so take are of yourself first.

13 September – Thursday, Djwal Kul (Dharma Unfolding)     As your path unfolds before you, remember to release expectations of how you will get to your destination. Instead, enjoy the journey; savor it one moment at a time. Be present as much as possible, and take it in small steps.

14 September – Friday, Horus (Cosmic Gateway)     We are more powerful than we realize when it comes to creating the world around us. The energy we send out produces the reactions we see. When we listen to Divine guidance and our own guidance, what we manifest is positively profound.

15 September – Saturday, Joan of Arc (Voice of Truth)    Not everyone will understand your personal path. Not even you, sometimes. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t forge ahead. Don’t change to please someone else, or out of fear of rejection. The world needs your unique perspective. Be true to yourself, and the world will fall in line.



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