With the recent full moon and lunar eclipse many people are feeling out of sorts. This shift was challenging for those not completely in alignment with their life path.  If you pay attention to what you felt, during this time, you will have a good idea where to focus your personal energy.

Flexibility is key to making it through what is ahead.  The changes coming are beautiful. They are uplifting and positive. However, if we are unwilling to change our perspective, or to listen to the guidance given to us, it will be a rocky road.

Remember to look for the best in a situation. It’s okay to have a bad moment, day, or even week.  Simply try to redirect your focus to something positive. Give yourself time to adjust, and allow yourself to be human.


The more you look for the light the more likely you are to find it.




The same goes for the bad stuff…so quit “expecting it”.  When you expect the worst, so that you will be “nicely surprised” when the good things happen…well, that sends a message to the Universe that you want the bad things.



Energy is neutral, so what you focus on is what you will get.  Do you see where I’m going with this?



For this week’s reading, Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Hidden Realms.


29 July – Sunday, 24 – The Mapmaker of Destiny     Life at times seems to stand still. Embracing your purpose will inspire and initiate needed change. How will you react to this? Your reaction will impact the outcome. Flexibility is a must. Blessings and other good things are already on their way.

30 July – Monday, 11 – The Hawk Prince    You need to pay attention to what is going on around you. You’re angels and guides ask that you focus so you can hear their guidance. This is especially important today, as you may be hearing the good news you were waiting for.

31 July – Tuesday, 35 – The Lady of Lightning     We are experiencing a complete upheaval in our life. Our willingness to change will determine how easy it will be. Sudden insight & inspiration are at the center of it all. For some it involves home or job. Expect the best, and allow the Universe to surprise you!

1 August – Wednesday, 43 – The Word Lord     Communication is very important today. Be mindful of your words, and your tone. They have the power to uplift, as well as to destroy. Once said, your words cannot be taken back. Choose wisely, as what you send out, you will also receive.

2 August – Thursday, 44 – The Lady of the Mirror     Our lives are the reflection of our own energy. Both the positive and negative. It simply is – no guilt required. Envision the best outcome for your current situation. The more you look for the light, the more likely you are to find it.

3 August – Friday, 33 – The Camel Boy     Breathe. Don’t worry about the rest today. Simply focus on breathing. Sometimes breathing is all we can do. And that’s okay. Ask for help if you need to. Be willing to accept help that’s offered. Help is on the way, just breathe and be open to receiving.

4 August – Saturday, 12 – The Eagle King     You are divinely guided, and are receiving Divine help to rise above the challenges & to help you attain your goals. It is a good day for meditation or prayer, to help you connect more closely with Spirit. A message received may change everything for you.



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