This week’s energies are stirring up some interesting bits for us to consider.

Honor the ties that bind.

The first is our idea of “family” – family can mean so much more than the one you were born into. For many of us, we have created a family through relationships and adventures, as well as reconnecting with those who are “soul family”.

Don’t stop moving – let movement help you connect with the Divine.

So often we feel “paralyzed” in a state of overwhelm. Acknowledge this feeling, but don’t let it stop you from continuing on. Take a break now and then to rest and refresh, and then on to the next step.

Create your own miracles.

We all have Divine gifts; it’s just a matter of discovering them and learning to embrace them. Society may not always agree, and it is up to each of us to decide to “be seen”, and to use our gifts.

The energy you send out returns to you…make it a blessing!

All actions have reactions, no matter how small. Do a check-in every once in a while to make sure you are being the best “you”. This doesn’t mean perfection; it’s simply about being mindful.

Resistance is multi-faceted – fear and piety are two distinct reasons.

Don’t be a martyr. It’s not what God/Spirit/The Universe intended for you. We are here to learn, grow, love, and be happy. If you are feeling resistance about something, explore the reasons behind it. Get to the root of it to find an easier path out of the darkness.

A change in perspective can change the outcome of any “battle”.

If we keep doing things the same way, we will never have a different solution present itself. Listen to other perspectives, look at new approaches. This can be an incredibly rewarding process, as well as an amazing growth opportunity. It isn’t always about winning.


For this week’s reading, I am using Stacey Demarco’s The Gospel of Aradia


14 October – Sunday, Blood (Sanguis)     Families are important – whether they are the one you are born into, or those who become family by the bonds formed through life’s challenges. Today, honor the ties you have with family, and find strength within those protective bonds.

15 October – Monday, Ecstasy (Ecstasis)    Find joy in movement, freeing yourself from the worries of the moment. Movement, whether dance, yoga, sports, or simply walking can have a great impact on our state of mind, as well as our connection to the Divine.

16 October – Tuesday, Creation (Creatio)     We are meant to be creators of our own destiny – it is within our power to do so. Creating is the Divine flowing through us; it is an essential part of who we are. Release the fear, create your own miracles.

17 October – Wednesday, Fecundity (Fecunditas)     Yesterday was about creation, today we flow into the “harvest”. What we give to the world will return to us.  And though it won’t always return the same way, the more positive and productive our energy, the more we reap positive miracles.

18 October – Thursday, Resistance (Obstantia)     Be aware of the resistance you’re feeling in your life. Is it out of fear, or out of the idea that denial is holier?  Find the root of your resistance, and you will be able to find a clearer path forward.

19 October – Friday, Fight (Pugna)     Choose your battles. Not all “fights” are worth the toll it will take out of you, and those around you. Sometimes all it takes is a creative change in perspective and/or approach to turn things around.

20 October – Saturday, Strega (Pythonissa)     We all have Divine power within us, and the ability to do so much more than we are led to understand. Believe in yourself, and your abilities. Do not fear the power inside you. It is a gift. Use it wisely.








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