This week is about hope, faith, and not giving up. Sometimes we think we’ve hit rock bottom, only to find out there’s still a ways to go.  So. Frustrating! 





I am hearing very strongly this week that we are so very close to that major breakthrough that we’ve been waiting for.  That breakthrough that was supposed to happen last fall, but got delayed?  It’s right around the corner, just over the horizon, behind that door waiting to be opened.




Divine Timing.

These words often bring a host of frustrated emotions.  It is human nature to want immediate change for our efforts, however, like the seeds we plant, our intentions need time to germinate, sprout, and grow into maturity.


Patience. Hope. Faith.

Cultivate these alongside those seeds of intention.  Part of our “human experience” is learning to allow things to happen at their own pace.


Stand in your Truth.

Don’t let someone take your power. You are a bright, beautiful, blazing light. Stop hiding it. If someone is intimidated, that is their issue, not yours! You are ready to stand your ground and show them who you truly are.


Shine. Shine brightly.









For this week’s reading, I am using Doreen Virtue’s Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards

25 February – Sunday, Adriana     Don’t lose hope, even if things seem impossible. You are on the cusp of a major life change that will bring the needed help and transformation to you. You are surrounded by Angels, waiting to comfort and help you. Listen and receive their support.

26 February – Monday, Aurora     It is time to stop holding back because you’re afraid you’ll outshine someone else. Your purpose is to blaze as brightly as you can – to be true to yourself! Inspire others by allowing yourself to be the best you can possibly be. Light their path by being authentic.

27 February – Tuesday, Archangel Uriel     This card reminded me of the Sam Harris quote, “…light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion; the illusion is the tunnel itself.” You have the power to make anything happen.  Isn’t it time to move out of your personal tunnel, and allow miracles in?

28 February – Wednesday, Opal     Worry is so ingrained in many of us. Today we are reminded to “Let go and Let God.” Know that there is Divine help available, and that Angels watch over us all. If you find yourself dropping into fear and worry, refocus your energy on gratitude, instead.

1 March – Thursday, Crystal     Divine Timing. We are in “deep winter mode”, desperately waiting for Spring to arrive, impatient for the new life to emerge and blossom. Know that the wait will be worthwhile. Look around and remind yourself of all the positive things already present to help you through the wait.

2 March – Friday, Mystique     Today you may need to dig in your heels and stand your ground. Sometimes we have to step up and be our own “Knight in Shining Armor”. You are worth fighting for, and self-advocating can open the doors you most need. Call in your Angels to help.

3 March – Saturday, Isabella     Today is an excellent day to take action on something you’ve only been dreaming about.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a small step, or a giant one – just take that step! The energy you put into play today will soar, and bring you something even better than you imagined.

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