I am already feeling the “roller coaster” energy that the upcoming week is bringing. While it may seem the normal energy flow for 2018, know that things will be evening out…eventually.



Many of us are still clearing out old lessons and decluttering old energies, which can make the unsettled feelings even more chaotic.



Use this time for some extra grounding in Mother Earth, drink plenty of plain water, meditate / pray, connect with your Divine Support Team.




Over the past few days, I’ve been feeling a lot of Unicorn and Dragon energy. This tells me that:

  • It’s time to do some extra healing work. 
  • We need to keep the pure love of Spirit at the center of everything we do.  
  • It’s time to get tough with the bullies who pick on the less-fortunate, weak, and voiceless.





How we choose to do these things is up to us, as an individualbut it must be seen through. The end of the week brings the message: “You are being tested…will you pass?”


I am reminded of the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Who is your “neighbor”?  Who deserves your help? What can you do to help?  Or will you simply walk by and ignore the one who is in need.




Sometimes it is enough to know is that someone understands, that we are not alone, and that our feelings are honored. Not everyone is asking for suggestions or to be told what to do. Empathy can help someone find that inner strength to keep going.




Even the smallest act of kindness can have a life-altering impact. And we are all capable of doing something.








What will you do?



For this week’s reading, I am using Diana Cooper’s Unicorn Cards

18 February – Sunday, 40 – Archangel Raphael     We are in a time of growth and expansion, letting go of energy left behind as we’ve learned life’s lessons. Open yourself to healing.  Allow the past to be released. AA Raphael and your personal unicorn are with you to help.

19 February – Monday, 5 – Closeness     The energies since the January and February eclipses have brought a lot of chaos into our lives. While this is necessary for healing, it can be overwhelming. Spend time in meditation and prayer, and ask your Angels and Unicorns to be with you for comfort and support.

20 February – Tuesday, 17 – Laughter     One of the best stress relievers out there is laughter. Today, try to see the lighter side of things.  Make time for some “play”: sing, dance, laugh…anything that brings some joy to you. Share that with others. The lighter the energy, the more joy and happiness will increase.

21 February – Wednesday, 38 – Archangel Uriel     AA Uriel is so good at “clearing the air”, whether it is a personal problem, letting go of negative energy, or even smoothing relationships. Allow him to help you be a Beacon of Peace & Light. Invite your Angels & Unicorns to help, too. Watch the energies transmute.

22 February – Thursday, 12 – Help     It’s okay to have an off day. We are human, it happens. Feel like no one is there to help? You have resources, but they must be requested. Ask your Guides, Angels, Unicorns (and Dragons! ♥) to come in to help. Be patient, and listen to their advice.

23 February – Friday, 27 – Seeking Good     “Seek and you shall find” – whether it is positive or negative.  If you expect a bad outcome, that’s what you manifest. It is time to start expecting something better. Be patient while the energies shift. Ask your support team (angels, unicorns, Spirit…) to help. Believe, trust.

24 February – Saturday, 37 – Archangel Michael     Stand up for the truth and be a voice for those who are not always heard. AA Michael is supporting you. You are a protector and speaker for someone today – be a positive advocate. Extend that hand to help. Today you are being tested…will you pass?



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