I love Spring. It is a time of growth, inspiration, and awakening.  Tonight (Sunday, 15 April) we have the first New Moon of Spring, so it is the perfect time to start manifesting the dreams we want to grow.

First, it is important to get clear about what do you want to create:


  • Abundance?          •  Love?
  • Security?               •  New Job?
  • New home?           •  World Peace?





Take a few minutes to think about what it is that you desire to have in your life. Meditate on it, and allow your imagination to run wild – see where it takes you.

If meditation is not your thing, maybe you can journal, create a vision board, write a letter to your future self…  Everyone has a method that they resonate with, so whatever works for you – go with it!




Daydream. Put the energy out there to the Universe. Then release the need to control how it manifests. Allow miracles to unfold before your eyes.







For this week’s reading, I am using Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

15 April – Sunday, The Holy Spirit     Miracles happen when we believe in the goodness and love that surrounds us. Love is the greatest commandment. Embrace the energy of love, and watch miracles happen.

16 April – Monday, Krishna     Timelines can be funny things. When we visualize our dreams unfolding, the Universe will work to make them happen – but not always how or when we envision. Trust, have faith, and truly listen to the Divine inside. It is happening – give it time.


17 April – Tuesday, Lady Portia     Have you been feeling like you’re on the edge of something incredible?  You are. It may not be what you expect, but it will still have great impact on your life. This is the start of a new adventure, if you will embrace it. Go forward, anticipate miracles.


18 April – Wednesday, Cernunnos     Today’s card reminded me of the quote “Inspire others by doing what inspires you.” It is all about finding your personal passion and going with it. Simply do what you love & share your passion with others. That alone is inspiring.





19 April – Thursday, Mother Mary     It’s time to release expectations and control. Let Go & Let God. This simply means to allow your dreams to flow to you, rather than trying to control the how & when. When we do this, we are often rewarded by fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams.


20 April – Friday, El Morya     If you are feeling vulnerable, remember to call in your “posse” – those angels & guides that help you stay protected and grounded. You are opening up to what the Universe has ready for you, and change can be unsettling.  Let your posse help.





21 April – Saturday, Diana     Believe in miracles. Believe that your dreams are coming true. Believe that you do deserve the best. Feel how receiving all of this makes you feel. Create the world you desire by feeling into it. Let it inspire you to dream big.





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