This week, I am finding my message is for all my sisters out there – whether you were born a woman, or simply identify as one.  Know that there is a collective power rising, one that the world has not seen in thousands of years.

No matter how alone you have been feeling, you are not alone.


Together, our energy is coming together as part of the planetary grid, and reinforcing the balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.


As we recognize the Divine Feminine in each of us, another missing part is found, more strength is added to the collective maternal energy of the planet, which is anchored into Gaia, constantly renewed and shared.



I was given a vision, of all of us, connected, hand in hand, arm in arm, creating an energetic network.  When one of us stumbles, others step in to help.  We are supported, held up, healed. This is across time, space, realities – there are no boundaries.


Slowly and steadily, we are healing the Sacred Feminine.

This will take time, and effort.  We heal in layers, which is why this comes up multiple times.

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, ancestors, goddesses, and more. We are not alone. We are strong.

We rise from the ashes as Phoenix Goddesses.





For this week’s reading, I am using

19 August – Sunday, 7 of Water     What do you dream of doing? What makes your heart sing? Now, what steps have you taken to go in that direction? Stop letting others tell you what you can’t do.  Their limitations are not yours. Open to the possibilities in front of you.

20 August – Monday, 6 of Water    Old wounds are coming up again. Instead of getting upset by this, go deeper and see which aspect you are working on. Is it relationship? Is it physical? Is it self-love? You are a diamond, my dear, with many facets to explore.

21 August – Tuesday, Strength     I know you are tired and overwhelmed. You are not alone, we walk beside you. When one of us falters, others help. We are your sisters, your mothers, aunties, ancestors. Together we are strong. Together, we rise. Hold my hand, feel your strength returning.

22 August – Wednesday, Messenger of Fire     It is time to take the creative path. Whether you’re looking to find a new hobby, or are frustrated with what you are currently working on, look for a creative approach, one that highlights your particular talents. You are the co-creator of your future.

23 August – Thursday, Love     Life is not cut & dried. There are so many variations in why and how things happen. What if it all truly IS a reflection of our inner being? What if we spent the day looking at everything through the lens of love, instead of fear, anger, or hatred?

24 August – Friday, Magician     Conceive, believe, achieve. You are the co-creator of your reality, and when you are truly connected to Spirit, anything can happen. We have an impact on our world, so why not dust off that magic wand & give it a go. Make your dreams reality.

25 August – Saturday, 9 of Air     It is time to step out of the negative cycle. While it may seem nearly impossible, you simply have to start with words. Instead of negative self-talk, re-phrase what you’re saying in a positive way. Celebrate the small things, and give yourself credit for steps forward.




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