965 – Dare to dream…the impossible dream. ♡

This is the so important for many of us right now. The chaos of 2018 is nearly over, and if you are feeling things like I am – we are on such a roller coaster of energy it feels terrifying, exhilarating, and almost never ending.

This is the release of all the old, pent-up energy that no longer serves us, the old wounds that are healing and allowing us to move on. This is us…finally allowing the release of what no longer serves us or that isn’t in our highest good.

Don’t fight it. Allow yourself to feel the intensity. Cry, if you need to (you won’t be alone!), shout, talk… whatever it takes to let this wave of transformation work its magic.

You are NOT broken. You are *becoming*. And you are amazingly, incredibly beautiful.

Embrace your inner fire, and allow it to help you become.

Celebrate who you are, the light, the shadow…everything.

Dare to dream the “Impossible Dream” – the one that makes your soul sing. Take that dream into your heart and let it grow.  Reach for those stars, and let them ignite a spark within you. Don’t stop, and trust the journey.

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