Watch out World, 2024 is bringing it all!


For those who are ready for an all-encompassing change, and welcome it with open arms, this year will bring you an action-packed adventure.  For those who aren’t too sure, you may find it a bit of a rollercoaster.

You will have the chance to improve your empowerment and creative skills this year, too, because thinking and doing things the traditional way may no longer work. Listening to your intuition and following your heart will be front and center for those who want to make the most of it.

For 2024, I will be using 4 different card decks, all in honor of the Year of the Dragon.  The Wood Dragon embodies honor, authority, prosperity, and good fortune.  The Divine Masculine is symbolized within the yang energy, which embodies the elements of fire and air.

The Year of the dragon gives us this year’s overlying theme of change and empowerment.


Change – Yes, change never stops.  However, 2024 is bringing massive change to many people who are ready to take the steps to see it happen. This is not just a simple job change, or a new home. Rather, it is the complete pivoting to something new.

To help you deal with the change, here are a few things to consider:

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  • Be gentle with yourself, and patient, too.
  • Focus on self-care, make it as much a priority as possible.
  • Meditation (prayer, affirmations, zazen, TM, simple breathing…whatever works for you).
  • Journaling (reflection, brain dumping, lists, etc. Again, whatever works!)
  • Take breaks, both during the day, and even an entire day. Do something fun or relaxing (or both!)






Empowerment – 2024 will be the year many find their voice and finally step into their personal power. Once you embrace your authority, creating expectations and boundaries becomes easier, and your path forward moves more quickly.

  • To encourage a feeling of empowerment, you might:
  • Use some of the tools mentioned above.
  • Reflect on your current boundaries and see what needs to change or be enforced.
  • Have a healing conversation with someone.
  • Allow your social circle to change.



Good Fortune – This coming year will bring you many opportunities to move forward, improve abundance, and see your dreams becoming reality. It’s important to remember that action steps will help these things happen faster and more profoundly.

  • Action steps that could be helpful may include:
  • Noting what is already helping you, as well as what you could change or let go of.
  • Making a list of specific action steps that you could take to get you even further.  Hint: success loves action!
  • Network with others to get new ideas, perspectives, and even some helpful input.
  • Do the inner work. Success also loves being welcomed in.  If you are afraid, or have hesitation about being successful, this may show up in a delayed response from the Universe.


Think of it this way:  “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).  Simply put, decide to be successful (and do the work to make sure you believe it!), and the Universe will help you along as much as possible.  Likewise, the more energy you put into believing that you will fail, the more likely that will happen.  Energy goes where your attention flows.



Let’s take a look at the first quarter of 2024, using the Dragon Wisdom Oracle cards by Christine Arana Fader (art by Anja Kostka).

1st QuarterLove. The greatest power in existence, love can create incredible change, heal lives, and bring many blessings. The first quarter of 2024 gives you the opportunity to explore living life through the lens of love, changing your perspective and learning to accept others for who they are in their own divine essence. This gives you the opportunity to make needed changes in your own life to bring balance and understanding.

“Everyone is fighting a battle no one knows about.” – Brad Meltzer

JAN:  Hope. Connection with others, whether near or far, can give you a sense of hope and anticipation. When feeling alone or loneliness invades your peace, gently remind yourself to take the opportunity to connect with others. Face to face connection is always great, but remember that we live in the age of technology, where connecting with a friend may only be a video chat away. And while your path is unique to you, you will still share parts of it with other people.

FEB:  Death.  An ending, and yet, a beginning. Death doesn’t mean a physical happening, rather it’s about the ending of your old life, and the start of something new. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the changes going on, try pivoting and looking at it all from a different perspective.  Can you see it as an adventure? Can you take smaller steps to see a project through?  Have you tried journaling, meditation, or affirmations to help you feel more confident?


MAR: Nutrition. Create as healthy a lifestyle as possible for yourself.  Nutrition isn’t just the food and drink you have, it’s also the other things you consume, such as the news, internet, and so forth. If you’re feeling stuck, try some dietary changes such as adding in more fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink more water, too.  But, also get outside into nature, limit the amount of time on YouTube or Social Media.  Take in – physically or otherwise – what helps support you in body, mind, and soul.  This brings balance which helps you face changes and move forward.


Now, let’s look at January specifically, before going on to the rest of 2024 (with the Dragon Wisdom Oracle):

Jan 1-6, AvalonYour past and your future are intertwined. You are on a magical path that is opening wide, allowing you to see more clearly and creatively. Your ancestors are your roots, they have wisdom and knowledge to share. Your future is waiting for you to put what you’ve learned and experienced to use. You are the amalgamation of your past and future. You are the nexus, the meeting point, the center of it all. What will you do?


Jan 7-13, Universe“We are made of star-stuff”(Carl Sagan).  Everything is interconnected, we are not only part of this earth, we are part of the universe itself. Have confidence, inspired by who you are and where you come from. Don’t be afraid of making necessary changes, small or large, because they will help open the way to manifesting more abundance into your life.


Jan 14-20, GiftsGiving and receiving. Don’t be afraid of using your gifts because they will bring you so much in return for sharing them with others.  Follow your heart in using your gifts, focusing on what you wish to achieve, rather than allowing doubt and fear to gain a foothold. Positivity, confidence, and belief in yourself will help you give to others, as well as receive for yourself.


Jan 20-27, GratitudeA personal journey.   Living in gratitude is one of the most profound ways to bring peace and balance to your life. Gratitude is also very personal, so it doesn’t have to be shared with anyone. You can be grateful for anything in your life, from the smallest thing to the greatest. Gratitude can help you shift perspective, as well as raise your vibration, and it can help shift energy that is keeping you stuck.  What are you grateful for?


Jan 28-31, Wisdom – It lies within you.  Listen with your heart when making a decision.  Your heart knows a wisdom that your brain does not. Wisdom is tied to your intuition, to your experiences, and to your higher self. Wisdom is not always logical, which is why we sometimes ignore it. So stop for a moment, close your eyes, and breathe slowly. Fall into your heart space – that space of complete peace and balance. Ask your question and wait for your heart’s answer.


For the second quarter, I drew cards from Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle of the Dragonfae (with art by Jimmy Manton & Ravynne Phelan).

2nd QuarterNimue. “Seek the counsel of crystals”.     Change is upon you, whether you seek it or not. Don’t be afraid of the change because it will bring you to a place where you realize just how strong you are, and how capable. Gather obsidian for cleansing, amethyst for protection, and agate for grounding. Light a candle and meditate. Answers will come.


APR: The SovereignGentle power”.     Power is an inside job, it’s not something you possess. Being empowered means that you know yourself, your boundaries, and your self-worth. These are things that cannot be taken from you. You decide when and how much you will show the world. You are being encouraged to step up and be visible, show yourself to the world, and claim your personal sovereignty.


MAY: Tatsuya – “Have courage”.      Unexpected change – even good events! – can be unsettling. Take a step back, breathe, and allow yourself a moment to adjust.  You asked for transformation to come in, and here it is. Now is the time to look at the big picture, the dreams you wish to manifest, and to step into the energy flow being presented to you. You’ve got this, you are ready.  Go for it.


JUN: Grandmother Magicks“I comfort you”.     If you are feeling overwhelmed, remember that you are never alone. You are surrounded by Spirit, ancestors, and energies that want you to be successful and that are supportive of what you are doing, all that you are accomplishing. It’s okay to take a day off and just be. Rest, hydrate, meditate, or do what your heart tells you will bring some joy and comfort.

The third quarter features cards from the Enchanted Blossoms Empowerment Oracle.

3rd QuarterAmbition – Hollyhock, Painted Lady Butterfly”.      It’s good to have ambition because it can be a catalyst for getting things done.  It can be the spark that ignites a greater passion in what you are doing, and plan to do in the future. It is a chance to stretch and push yourself to achieve greater things. Ask yourself what would make your life better?  And then strive to make it happen.


JUL: Luck“Bells of Ireland, Bicolor Commodore Butterfly”.        Luck doesn’t just happen by chance; did you know that?  You can grow you luck, just as you would any flower in your garden. You nourish it, water it, and help it grow however you can. It’s where you focus that energy, sweetheart!  If you focus it on luck and success, you will see more of those things coming into your life.  Another way to look at it is: You reap what you sow.


AUG: Hope“Hawthorn, Black-veined White Butterfly”.     Hope is always there, even though it may seem far away at times.  Hope can be found in taking a deep breath, saying a prayer, watching a sunrise, or a random smile from a stranger. You can give hope to others in the same way.  And when you share hope…it grows. The night is always darkest right before the sun rises, so when things seem their most bleak, hope is there to remind you that changes can come quickly to brighten your life. You simply need to believe.


SEPT: Compassion – “Elder, Large blue Butterfly”.      Compassion is complex.  It is also an incredibly strong healer. Being compassionate takes strength, and often, a bit of practice. Don’t mistake compassion for pity – they are completely different. Compassion comes from experience in understanding how someone is feeling. The strongest healers are those who lead with compassion and empathy.


And finally, Diana Cooper’s Dragon Oracle cards give us some insight into the fourth quarter of the year.

4th QuarterAlpha Dragon – “Harness the divine masculine power of creation”.   Crack the shell of your existence to allow room for growth and expansion. You must dismantle what currently exists to be able to create what is coming. Out with the old, in with the new.  Support, self-care, and compassion will be there when you need them. You’ve got this.


OCT: Green Dragon“Helps you tune in to the secrets of nature”.     Connection, especially during times of change, is very important. Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to help calm the chaos and bring balance. Talk to your plants, hang out with the trees, speak to the animals. While you may not “hear” a response, you will soon begin to feel their energies, and the constant flow of healing that surrounds you.


NOV: Earth Dragon“Clear your path and the land around you”.      The year is winding down, and in the North, the earth is going to sleep while it is beginning to wake in the South. This is the time to clear the path around your desires, as you would clear and prepare your garden. When you do this, you shift the energy, opening it up to receive what is coming in. Whether preparing for the winter, or planting for the summer, you are bringing growth and transformation to you and your environment.


DEC: Fire Dragon“Burns up the lower energies around you”.     It is the closing of 2024, and this year is going out with a blaze, clearing the path for even greater movement and gifts coming in 2025. The clarity and hope this winter season is bringing burns like the fire on the shortest night. You are on fire with creative ideas, you are clearing away what you no longer need, and setting a spark for what is to come. Blaze, dear friend, you are a beacon, guiding others.


Oh my… 2024 will be quite the year. You will be called on to be flexible, to think creatively, and to live by compassionate example.  The hope this coming year will bring to everyone is giving me chills and bringing tears to my eyes. I am in awe.


Join me each month as I dive deeper into the details of what has begun here.  And, as always, if you’d like a “Personal Power and Potential” Reading for the year ahead, you can book one here.


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Lizbeth Russell, M.Ed., HHP, RMT. is an experienced intuitive herbalist who creates popular products and teaches about herbs, meditation, Reiki, and wellness. She studied herbalism and holistic wellness at the American College of Healthcare Sciences ( and has been a Kundalini Reiki Master-Teacher for over 8 years. Lizbeth is also a compassionate psychic medium who has helped her clients find answers for over 40 years. In her spare time, you can find her in the garden, talking to the trees and flowers, as well as weather and Earthworking.


The 2024 Year Ahead Reading used the following card decks:

Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck by Christine Arana Fader, English edition ©2022 by Earthdancer GmBH, art by Anja Kostka. (First quarter, January, February, and March)

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish, ©2012 Blue Angel Publishing, art by Jimmy Manton and Ravynne Phelan. (Second quarter, April, May, and June)

Enchanted Blossoms Empowerment Oracle, cards & art by Carla Morrow, ©2019 Blue Angel Publishing. (Third quarter, July, August, and September)

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper, ©2017 Hay House, Inc., art by Carla Lee Morrow.  (Fourth quarter, October, November, and December)



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