The secret to unlocking transformation is a unique alchemical recipe each of us has inside. It is a blend of patience, grace, balance, enlightenment, and magick that we have to discover for ourselves through facing the challenges life brings us.


Transformation is not easy, it’s not elegant, and it’s not smooth. That doesn’t mean that it will be a horrendous experience, either. So much depends on where you are in your life, along with your mindset, willingness to change, and ability to accept the change that’s happening.


Unlock your transformation by delving into yourself, through meditation, journaling, soul searching, and lots of healing.


This month I’d like to introduce you to Renee Guidelli’s Inner Alchemy “Journey” Oracle cards.  It’s a brand-new deck, ready to guide you on your personal journey.  (Check them out here. And no, I am not sponsored, just a fan!))


November’s message:

Theme card:  Patience – Breathe, my friend, breathe.  We always want our life to change quickly, to see positive transformation happen before our eyes.  However, the changes happening right now may range from subtle to profound – and will happen only as quickly as they are meant to.


Patience, in this case, is a virtue, as it will allow you to embrace the moment and be in the “now” more than fussing about how it’s moving so slowly.


So, breathe, darling, and release expectations for the how and when transformation will happen. Pour a cup of tea, and have a meditation break to soothe the senses and help you ground and center.  If you’re interested, I have an Herbal Tea Meditation & Journaling experience available at Lizbeth’s Botanical Academy & would love it if you check it out!  (Use coupon code NOVTRANSFORMATION to get 10% off!)


Let’s break down November week by week:

1-4 NovemberTransform – A shift is happening within you. It lights you up from inside, and centers in your heart. There may be moments when you feel like everything is crashing down, however, things must come apart to be rebuilt and transformed. As the shift happens, be gentle with yourself, practice self-care, and allow change to happen.


5-11 November: Grace – “Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.” (Brad Meltzer)  Give grace to others when you see someone having a rough time. Accept grace for yourself when you hit a snag. Don’t be a doormat but do be accepting and compassionate.  The human experience is varied and challenging at times, and grace makes it easier.

12-18 NovemberBalance – With everything you’ve got going on, it can be hard to find balance. You have become a master juggler, so now it’s time to balance the give and take in your life. Learn to say no to doing too much, and yes to taking some time for yourself.



19-25 NovemberEnlightenment – It’s time to open yourself up to Divine Inspiration and let the light flow through you. You have so much to offer the world, and as you step into your authentic power, the light of the Divine will inspire and guide you.


26-30 NovemberMagick – Open yourself to the magick all around you. Encourage your inner child to see the wonder and experience the innovation and inspiration that surrounds your every day. Share the magick with others and watch it expand into the world around you.

November can completely transform you this year.  How smooth the transitions and change are, is up to you. Fight the change, and it will be a bumpy ride.  Sit back, breathe, and allow the change, and you will find it much smoother.  Don’t expect a completely smooth ride, though, because change is change, after all.







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