Messages from the Linden Tree, for September 2021

September promises to round out the third quarter of the year with some powerful shifts and soul revelations, peaking at the full moon and equinox.

Looking back at what I wrote for this year’s forecast, September’s message was “*You are safe, supported, & doing fine. Shifts old, generational patterns, is hard. Be gentle with yourself if you’re not where you want to be – yet. Remember to manifest our dreams we must do the grunge work first. The layers take time. Make a list of what you’ve already accomplished, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Are you feeling the shift already happening?  The energies are starting to build, and on the full moon (Sept 20th) we will be able to see change taking place.  These changes are multi-generational and span time, space, and realities.

It is like an unstoppable tidal wave that can if you’re ready and willing, bring the sweeping change you’ve been asking for.  For others, the change will be much more subtle, much more on the subconscious level.

Be aware of how you personally react to moon energies, because this one is going to have an impact.  Ground yourself well, drink plenty of water, eat carefully.  Take care of your body, and let Spirit do the rest.


My 2021 Year of Connections Journal is still available for free.  You can download it here.  You may find it helpful for gaining some clarity.


Journal questions to explore this month: 

  • What growth have I shown this year?
  • What has held me back? 
  • How are these things connected?
  • What can I do to break a negative pattern?
  • What support do I need? 
  • How can I get that support?




For September , I am using Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle Cards  


September 1-4, The Void     Stop. Embrace winter. Great cosmic womb.  Go within and connect with Spirit. This is where you will find balance, peace, and comfort. Some things are out of your control, and this is okay. There is a shift coming, a door opening. Surrender and trust that what awaits you is an amazing adventure.

September 5-11, Trust the Timing       Trust the wave you came in on.  Time is not running out. Breathe. Slow down and give yourself time to think. Don’t rush into anything. You have time to research and learn before making that big decision. If someone is pushing you, consider their motives. Put yourself first and give yourself the time to see things clearly.

September 12-18, Fall into My Arms     Surrender.  Holding the opposites.  Extremes of life. Step forward and trust. Surrender to Spirit. This may seem counterintuitive however, we don’t always see clearly in the chaos, and can miss important details. Release what you can’t control and allow Spirit to guide you.  This trust can bring you to where you need to be.

September 19-25, Perspective     None of this matters. Zoom out. Common ground.  Ground, center, and balance yourself as much as possible this week. Use logic to gain perspective of what is happening around you. Don’t be pulled in, rather step back, breathe, and observe. Change is coming, transition is imminent. Breathe, balance, and hold on. This will be eye-opening.

September 26-30, Your Life is a Canvas     Artist.  Manifestation.  Creative accountability.  Keep you moving forward. You can do this. It’s okay if your vision is different from someone else’s. This is what makes you unique and special. Set things in motion and then take action. Create the life you dream of.

Trust and perspective are at the center of everything for September. Let go of the things that hold you back. Consider the story you are telling yourself, and remember that you can change the ending if you choose to. Don’t settle.



As an Angel Intuitive, Channel, Certified Angel Practitioner™ & Medium™, and Certified Archangel Lifecoach™ , who has been working with Angels all her life, Lizbeth brings loving, uplifting messages and angelic advice to clients, guiding them on their path to self-love by creating an oasis of self-care through angels, herbs, Intuitive Holistic Wellness Coaching and Reiki.



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