Simple salves…they are the best, in my opinion, because they can be super effective with only a few  ingredients.  With as little as three ingredients, even.



Two of my favorite herbs to create salves with are calendula (Calendula officinalis) and plantain (Plantago spp.). Both have wonderfully healing properties, including being anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and vulnerary.  Both are good for all sorts of skin issues, including scratches, minor cuts, bites, and inflammation. You can also use both in tea form.



These two herbs do have some important differences.  While plantain can be eaten in salads, or cooked as you would spinach or kale, calendula is not usually eaten.





Calendula is also a cell proliferant. This means that it increases the speed at which cells heal. This can also cause problems if there is debris or infection in a wound and calendula is used by itself. Therefore, use caution with this powerful herb.


By blending calendula with plantain, you can create a more moderate pace for the healing, as well as increasing the other positive effects, such as the anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities.


Download the recipe here. Salve – Calendula & Plantain



It’s easy to create several simple healing preparations from these herbs: 








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