Messages from the Linden Tree, for October 2021


October brings us the opportunity to work with the changes underway in a profound and meaningful way.

  • Connections will be made.
  • Understanding will emerge.
  • Compassion will increase.

Pay attention to the nudges and hints being given to you. Take positive action in the direction of your dreams.

There will be challenges, many will be created by our own egos. Change is unnerving, and we often crave the continuity of the status-quo. However, the status quo is no longer valid.

Change is here. A new life is emerging. The chrysalis can no longer hold you.




My 2021 Year of Connections Journal is still available for free.  You can download it here.  You may find it helpful for gaining some clarity.

Journal questions to explore this month: 

  • What growth have I shown this year?
  • What has held me back?
  • How are these things connected?
  • What can I do to break a negative pattern?
  • What support do I need?
  • How can I get that support?





For October , I am using Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle Cards  


October 1-9, The Cosmic Heart     Devotion. Potency. Make your life a moving prayer. Why are you denying the power inside? You can create the future you want. Reconnect to your dreams, your truth, your potential. Feed them with the energy of hope and compassion. As you increase the energy of what you want, the more you will see it manifest.


October 10-16, Surrender to the Sweetness       Venus energy. Pleasure. Joy. Make love to life. Connect with your inner child to remember what it was like to be happy with no expectations. Be gentle with yourself and others. Bring more beauty into your life through plants, music, fellowship, or other things that inspire you. Let joy fill your life, share it with others.


October 17-23, Star Brothers     Horus energy. Protection. Loyalty. Safety. Trust. You are safe and protected. Your spirit soars to new heights, once you allow it the freedom to do so. Ancestral wounds are healing, you can breathe freer. Open yourself to receiving gifts and desires. You are deserving, you are worthy.



October 24-31, Breath of the Cosmos     My will to thy will. Micromanaging the Universe.  It is time to silence the negative voices in your head.  They no longer have a hold over you. You strong. You have a purpose. Your light shines more brightly day by day. Follow your heart, and trust your soul’s guidance. You are more powerful than you realize.


Embrace your personal power. Allow your light to shine. Now is not the time to be shy or hesitant. Step into your power, feel the balance it brings. This is a good place to be.









As an Angel Intuitive, Channel, Certified Angel Practitioner™ & Medium™, and Certified Archangel Lifecoach™ , who has been working with Angels all her life, Lizbeth brings loving, uplifting messages and angelic advice to clients, guiding them on their path to self-love by creating an oasis of self-care through angels, herbs, Intuitive Holistic Wellness Coaching and Reiki.



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