We are one-third of the way through the 4th quarter of 2020.  This last quarter of the year is about personal healing, and how it allows us a glimpse into what others are going through. Resiliency and strength are our allies, and through them, we both give and receive support.



November is specifically about healing our childhood wounds.  Often these are things that happened when you were too young to understand the impact they would have on our life.  Many times, it is something that has repeated as a pattern throughout your life.


It’s time to bring it into the light and allow healing. Release the pain and hurt, bring in healing and peace.  This will likely happen in layers and may take some time.  Take the journey, follow through.




Things to keep in mind this month: 

  • You are supported.
  • Take the time needed to work through it completely.
  • Face the truth, and love yourself unconditionally.
  • Celebrate your successes and joys.
  • Open your eyes to the miracles around you.


For this month’s reading, I am using the Sacred Traveler Oracle cards by Denise Linn.    



Add some self-care into your routine. Reiki, tea & Flower Essnce to support you in body, mind, and spirit. A Linden Tree Exclusive.


Week of Nov 1, Fellow Travelers “Support is all around you.”     You are supported in all ways: physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Breathe through the changes coming this week, as the past is brought up and you see what needs to be healed clearly. Work through the emotions that come up instead of trying to control them. This is how healing happens.


Week of Nov 8, Narrow Pathway “Tread thoughtfully.”     Patience is not always an easy thing to come by.  However, it is often necessary to make the best progress. Instead of dreading the slow pace of things this week, look at it as another kind of adventure, one where you’re looking for all the little details of a puzzle.




Week Nov 15, Discovering Truth “You stand in the light of truth.”     This is a week for listening to your heart and intuition, especially in the pursuit of your dreams.  Pay attention to how people, places, and things make you feel.  Be up front and honest with others, rather than hiding your authentic self.


Week Nov 22, Embracing Enthusiasm “Shout to the heavens with happiness.”     Find happiness in the journey, and the progress you make. Watch how children approach life, how enthusiastic and full of wonder they are.  Now is a good time to add some of that child-like wonder into your own life. Dance, sing, play. See how it raises your vibration and helps you move forward.






Week Nov 29, Miracles “Expect the wondrous to emerge!”     The only limitations to what you can create are fear and disbelief. When we put our fears aside, and believe that we can accomplish something, we are often able to make it happen. Miracles are all around us, just waiting for us to call them in.






We each have the ability to manifest anything in our lives, including healing. This requires seeing and feeling it in our mind and heart, as well as taking the steps needed to help it along.

Don’t push away offers of help, because this kind of healing isn’t something you can do completely alone.  Be gentle with yourself, take care of yourself, and allow yourself to heal.


Elizabeth (Lizbeth) Russell, M.Ed, HHP, RMT is an Intuitive Holistic Wellness Mentor, Herbalist, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Certified Archangel Life Coach™. As an herbalist, Lizbeth creates and teaches workshops on a variety of herbal products, including custom tea blends, bodycare products, and flower essences. A gifted psychic-medium, Lizbeth has 40 years of experience in channeling and tarot reading, as well as creating mandala designs with channeled messages and affirmations. You can find her Mindful Mandala coloring book on Amazon.com. When not teaching or creating, you can often find her barefoot in the garden, practicing full-contact landscaping or hugging trees.

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