Messages from the Linden Tree, for February 2021


We are moving into the middle of our first quarter of 2021.  Already there have been some major shifts in energy, change is happening rapidly, and it may have some people feeling like the chaos is increasing, rather than decreasing.


Allow the change, don’t fight it.  This change is going to bring some wonderful things into the world.  With this change, connecting to the Divine, and to each other, will be easier, deeper, and more profound.


If you are willing and ready to experience this kind of connection. Connection is made through love. And it starts within each of us. We are – every one of us – the catalyst.





Begin within.  Learn to love yourself.  Accept all of you, flaws, and all.  This is an ongoing process, done in layers.  It needs patience, understanding, and support.


Love is an inside job.  And what we do, affects others.  The more love we create, the more love enters the world.


And that is a good thing.


For this month’s reading, I am using Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle Cards  






Feb 1-6, Surrender to the Sweetness     Surrendering control is often seen as counter-intuitive.  However, when letting down your guard leads you to a deeper understanding of self, as well as the world around you, it is a way of encouraging soul healing and growth. This is the realm of the Divine Feminine, where you will find comfort as well as pragmatic advice.  Listen. Release. Allow.




Feb 7-13, Deep Cellular Healing     Rest, be gentle with yourself. Everything you’re going through is part of soul expansion. Calm the chaos by taking time to breathe and get clear. Look at things through logic instead of through emotion. What do you need to change to bring in balance? Look at routine, diet, and relationships.  Make necessary shifts.  And remember to breathe.

Feb 14-20, Star Keeper     Staying grounded is the theme for this week.  Maintaining inner balance allows you to be present, which allows you to help others. Meditation and a good night’s sleep will help. You are leveling up and the positive changes you are making will impact those around you.



Feb 21-28, Star Ancestors     What is your intuition telling you?  Pay attention to you the nudges you are feeling, they are leading you in the right direction.  The seeds you are planting now will allow you to reconnect your past and future selves, bringing the knowledge you need to continue forward.







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