Messages from the Linden Tree, for August 2022


We have now reached the middle of the 3rd quarter of 2022.  The year is moving swiftly, an incredible amount of personal change.  The question is:  Are you allowing this change to happen?


Change can be challenging, and downright scary at times. The trick is to not fight it.  Do what you must to stay balanced, but let the change come.  Use it to your advantage and jumpstart the shifts you want to see happening in your life.

This 3rd quarter is about leadership and stepping up & into your power. This means taking control of what you can and letting the rest (what you don’t need) to flow with you or past you.  This may take some practice, so keep at it.  Get help where you need it, trust the process.






You might find the 2022 “Year of Becoming” companion journal helpful.  Download the journal here, for free.







For August, I am using the Elle Qui Oracle by Arwen Lynch-Poe, with artwork by Mélanie Delon  


August summary: Jocelyn – Perspective, Defiant, Persistent.   Always choose to be yourself. Explore the world, explore yourself. Don’t change to please others. Own your power, even if those around you find it different than what they are used to. Stand in that power, even when others tell you it’s “too much” – their reaction is on them, not on you. Defy the stereotypes that you’ve learned to adhere to and believe in. Blaze your own trail, create your own life. Live.


Aug 1-6, Ranae     Love, Hope, Relationships.     A door is opening to initiate or rekindle relationships on a higher level, a more positive and growth-centered pattern is emerging. You are learning how to create healthy boundaries and value yourself as well as your partner. Envision the partnership you are looking for, feel it coming together.  Believe.

Aug 7-13, Sauvage       Untamed, Wild, Mysterious.       Allow yourself to be yourself.  There is something uniquely freeing about being authentic, with no hidden agenda. Relationships may change, pivot, or simply dissolve. Accept the changes, don’t fight them. Be open to new and more aligned people entering your life.



Aug 14-20, Shiala     Creativity, Originality, Spontaneity.          Embrace your inner child and let yourself be spontaneous. There is nothing wrong with taking a day off here and there to just do something fun. This lightens the spirit and raises the energy, which then creates momentum for bringing your dreams to life. Life is for living.




Aug 21-27, Jocelyn     Perspective, Defiant, Persistent.             Setbacks happen. Our job is to allow them to happen and respond to the opportunities presented, rather than reacting with frustration and anger. We don’t have to like challenges, but we can learn from them.  Journal your frustration and work through it.  Keep going, don’t stop.

Aug 28-31, Makita     Observe, Perceive, Scrutinize.      Question EVERYthing. Opinion is not fact, so don’t let others distract you and get you off track.  Your job is to research, problem solve, and figure out the best course of action for you. Look deeper, and read between the lines for the answers you seek.






What does authenticity mean to you?  What have you learned about yourself in the first half of 2022 that can help you find your way?








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Lizbeth Russell, M.Ed., HHP, RMT, is an experienced intuitive herbalist who creates popular products and teaches about herbs. She studied herbalism and holistic wellness at the American College of Healthcare Sciences ( and is also a Reiki Master-Teacher. You will find her products at Finger Lakes Unique in Corning, NY, and on Etsy. When she is not creating, Lizbeth can usually be found playing in the garden or working with clients.



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