Messages from the Linden Tree for February 2024

February is traditionally the month when we focus on love.  2024 is no exception.  However, instead of focusing on romantic love, this is the year to focus on self-love.

Self-love can be difficult for some people, especially if you were brought up to always put others first.

  • Be yourself.
  • Celebrate your quirkiness.
  • You are part of the Divine.
  • You deserve to thrive.


The first quarter of 2024 is helping us bring more love, understanding, and compassion into our lives.  Celebrate the small steps and the adventure.

From the 2024 Year Ahead reading:


1st QuarterLove. The greatest power in existence, love can create incredible change, heal lives, and bring many blessings. The first quarter of 2024 gives you the opportunity to explore living life through the lens of love, changing your perspective and learning to accept others for who they are in their own divine essence. This gives you the opportunity to make needed changes in your own life to bring balance and understanding.





February has us heading into a time of transition. This may be with work, home, or relationship, depending on your individual path. How chaotic this path will be depends entirely on your own, unique presence and timing, as well as how willing you are to step up and embrace the change.


Remind yourself that you can’t make significant changes without doing things differently. So, change of perspective and method are being called for.







The cards for the month of February in the 2024 Year Ahead Reading was Death, from the Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck by Christine Arana Fader, English edition ©2022 by Earthdancer GmBH, art by Anja Kostka.  Here’s what I wrote:



FEB:  DeathAn ending, and yet, a beginning. In this reading, Death doesn’t mean a physical happening, rather it’s about the ending of your old life, and the start of something new. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the changes going on, try pivoting and looking at it all from a different perspective.  Can you see it as an adventure? Can you take smaller steps to see a project through?  Have you tried journaling, meditation, or affirmations to help you feel more confident?

Feb 1-10, ScarsForgiveness, Acceptance, Devotion.    When we go through trauma, it can leave scars – including invisible ones. Healing takes time, and often effort. Forgiveness should start with yourself, especially if you are not where you’d like to be.  Acceptance of where you are in life allows you to find small joys in odd places. This can help boost your desire and ability to heal.  Devotion, whether to the healing process or a higher power, can also play a large role in how you heal your scars. Just know that you are seen, you are appreciated, and you are loved. And you are not alone.

Feb 11-17, Air ChaliceCelebrate new beginnings.     Once you truly decide things need to change, the Universe conspires to help that happen. Although change may not happen all at once (that would be overwhelming!), you will begin to see small victories along your way.  Celebrate them.  Each – and – every – one – of – them! Raise the chalice, revel in the joy of seeing where you are versus where you were. And each time you move ahead on the game board of life, celebrate it. You deserve these wins and triumphs.

Feb 18-24, AvalonJourney beyond time and space.   Your healing journey has begun.  You are already seeing change and movement. Now, it’s time to call back what is yours. Call your energy back, call your spirit back, call your essence back.  Re-integrate these into your body, mind, and spirit, and feel a wholeness spread through your being. Do this in meditation – or ask your favorite energy-worker to help!  And no, my love, you are not being selfish to call back what is yours. You are allowed to be whole.

Feb 25-29, BlissOpen your heart.      You were made to be happy, to feel joy, and to have moments of sheer bliss fill your day. So, every time you feel these, pause for a moment and allow yourself to truly feel it. Especially if your life has not been one filled with these things on a regular basis. Giving yourself permission to step into these feelings, and spend time getting to know them, is very important.  Open your heart, receive bliss.  Know joy.


In short, stepping onto the path of change, through forgiveness or acceptance, can lead you to new beginnings you can celebrate.  This, in turn, allows you to clear unwanted energy and reclaim your own, opening you up to bringing in more joy and happiness.

Remember, as always, to be gentle with yourself. Practice grace and empathy, just as you would for others. You are just as deserving.

Transformation can be messy. It can be hard. But it can also be beautiful in all its disorganization. If you can find a way to embrace the chaos and celebrate your journey, do it. Be your own cheerleader and promoter.



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