Messages from the Linden Tree – October 2023

Change begins with you.

I’m not talking about worldwide change, although you can start a chain reaction through living by example.  This is more about personal change, and releasing what you are no longer willing to put up with.

Body, mind, and spirit are all connected, and when you neglect one part, the others decline, as well.

Change begins with you. But this doesn’t have to be a monumental change (for some, it may be!).





Small steps will often get you farther in life. You are a river flowing relentlessly, making small changes that are almost unnoticeable until you step back and look at the overall scene.









You can do this; you have the power within you. You also have the choice. Why not bring some magic into your life and create the world you dream of?







Tis the season for some Practical Magic, and so we’re using Serene Conneeley’s oracle deck by the same name (Artwork by Selina Fenech).

October’s message:

Card:  7. Physical Strength – Protector.          Nurturing your physical body is just as important as nurturing your mind and spirit.  Wellbeing needs to be a priority and can be attained by taking small, continuous steps.

Managing your well-being doesn’t have to be giant leaps, or expensive. Simply do what you can, when you can, even if it’s only carving out 10 minutes for yourself at a time.


As we head into the changing seasons, it is especially important to be proactive. Whether moving into colder or warmer weather, weather changes impact our health and mental outlook.


Ask yourself what you can do to boost your immune system, to clean up your diet, and to work in some exercise.

Supporting the body also supports the mind and spirit.


1-7 October:  18. Set Boundaries Lady of Avalon.           The first step to ensuring your well-being is to set good boundaries.  Learn how to say “no” to doing too much. Value your own time and needs, even as you value those of other people. Recognize when you need to step back as well as step forward.

8-14 October:  24. Be KindCharming.         Kindness is a strength that not everyone possesses. Being kind and compassionate shows a willingness to keep your heart open to possibilities. Happiness and kindness are related and help us connect with others. Kindness is contagious and should be shared as often as possible.





15-21 October:  30. Time For PlayWoodland Queen.     Creation is part of our nature.  Creation for the joy of creating brings joy and happiness. This is something we intuitively know as children but tend to forget as we get older. You are now being encouraged to reconnect with your inner child and find time for creativity and play.






22-28 October:  15. Rest and RestoreRockabye.     Be gentle with yourself right now.  Physically and emotionally.  The energy is high and that means an increase in drama. Do yourself a favor and listen to your body – when it says rest, do so.  Listen to your heart and mind and find some time to be alone or with those who uplift & restore your sense of self.



29-31 October:  4. Step UpLady of Fire.     Don’t be shy, don’t hold back.  Step into who you are, into your authenticity, and into your power. You hold the catalyst for great change within you that will only shine when you stop playing small. Actively participate in your metamorphosis – it can’t truly happen without you stepping up and into who you are.

So, it’s time to buckle up, Buttercup…life is demanding you step it up and take care of yourself. Set those boundaries, learn how to say no, and always (always) practice kindness. ♥







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Lizbeth Russell, M.Ed., HHP, RMT. is an experienced intuitive herbalist who creates popular products and teaches about herbs, meditation, Reiki, and wellness. She studied herbalism and holistic wellness at the American College of Healthcare Sciences ( and has been a Kundalini Reiki Master-Teacher for over 8 years. Lizbeth is also a compassionate psychic medium who has helped her clients find answers for over 40 years. In her spare time, you can find her in the garden, talking to the trees and flowers, as well as weather and Earthworking.

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