This coming year, we can look forward to all kinds of connections, from self to relationship, to cosmic.

To step into our authentic selves, we must connect.

Questions to ponder this year include: How am I connected? How do I connect to the earth?  How am I connected to Spirit? Are my connections healthy? What do I need to change in my connections? How do I make progress and stay connected?

One thing at a time, my friend. It doesn’t have to happen all at once. Your journey takes time.  A lifetime, in fact.  This year, however, has the potential to propel you forward at incredible speed.

Connections will become more important as the year moves on. Healthy connections replacing toxic ones will be a focus.

For this year, I am using Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle Cards.


2021 at a glance:  Star Bathing (Light body. Crystal grid. Transmission. Activation)      *Remember that you are made of stardust, you are part of the cosmic design.  This connects you to literally everything. This year you will be encouraged to get to know, to strengthen current, and to create new connections not only at the soul level but also on the physical plane.

This may involve meeting new people, changing jobs, moving house, or any number of experiences the Universe has in store.

For those who resisted doing their Shadow Work in 2020, there will be some eye-opening experiences in 2021 that help to make the connection between why shadow work is necessary and why it’s not nearly as scary as people are worried about. Hint: it’s all in the approach.

2021 also brings opportunities to sever connections when needed. This may indicate the end of a relationship or job. For some, it will be the end of those limiting beliefs that were holding you back.

The upcoming year is one of wonder and amazement, of empowering potential.

1st Quarter (Jan-Feb-Mar):  Whale and Orca Elders (Share your song. Frequency of sound. Diving deep.)          * Stop hiding in the shadows. If you fear being “seen”, now is the time to work on those limiting beliefs.

Explore: Why do I fear connecting with others? Why am I afraid to be visibly authentic? Is self-love something I need to work on?

Now is the time to explore your shadow side again. What fears are holding you back? (Click here for a free companion journal to this blog) What steps can you take to help with this?

Also, look at your strengths, look at what drives your passion for life.  Is this something you should be sharing with the world? Is there a story here that can help pull you back into the light, and help others, as well?



January:  Activated Earth (Power places. Ley lines. Trust where you’re led)  *Grounding yourself is very important this month.  This needs to be done in multiple ways: mind, body, and spirit. Spend time in nature, near trees when possible. Trees are anchors as well as guardians of earthly balance. They are secret keepers and sentinels who guide and teach those willing to listen. They are energetic conduits that connect us to both the earth and the cosmos. Spend time with nature.  Listen, feel, and see what messages you get. Journal about your experiences. (Click here for the companion journal)


Let’s take a closer look at January:

Jan 1-5:  The Golden Children (Inner child. Tenderness. Innocence. Rare gifts.)     *As we ease into the New Year, go gently. Greet 2021 with the anticipation of an excited child. Children don’t put expectations on the future, they allow it to unfold.  It’s time to reconnect with your inner child and let them lead the way. Set positive energy in motion by anticipating the best possible outcome.

Jan 6-12:  We the Hathors (Deep love. Mother’s milk. Birth as a portal.)     *A moment of epiphany happens when you least expect it. It hits deep, hope, and love flood through you. It is a form of spiritual rebirth when you realize all the potential before you that you can tap into whenever you want. Breathe it in, releasing what you no longer need. There is peace.

Jan 13-19:  Weight of the World (Boundaries. Let it go. It’s not yours to carry.)     *Learning to set healthy boundaries can often be a challenge.  However, last week’s sudden insight has you realizing that boundaries benefit everyone and are necessary to keep balance and health. Remember that it is not your responsibility to take on other people’s burdens. Release what isn’t yours to carry.

Jan 20-26:  Earthed.  (Learning how to be human. In the world, but not of it)     *A week of surreal moments. Expect the unexpected.  Focus on compassion and allow your empathy to be “unboxed”.  Aim for peace, balance, and kindness. Things will go more smoothly than expected. Savor the change, don’t get snarky. Tension can be swept away by finding the Zero point of neutrality in your own space.

Jan 27-31:  Star Family (You’re part of a team of souls.  Call in support.)     *You are not alone. Remember to ask for help. Don’t be a martyr.  Help may come in many forms, and your job is to be aware of it being offered. People, opportunities, messages from Spirit or your Angels, and even a random song on the radio can bring you help.


Now, let’s complete the first quarter:

February:  Double Mission (Lightworker. Starseed. Serve the world by being you)     *Self-love and authenticity are the focus of February. You may be feeling as if you don’t belong – your circle has changed, your interests are different than before, or something has happened to “wake you up” about the world around you. It’s time to ask:  What am I being called to do? Love yourself enough to explore your answer.

March:  Child of the Cosmos (The intelligence of the Universe lies within you)     *Intuition increases if you let it. Surrender to the knowledge being brought to you, you can decide what to do with this new-found understanding later. You have access to immense understanding and energy. Choices present, there is no need to rush decisions. Where is your focus best directed?





2nd Quarter (Apr-May-Jun):  Empathic Starseed (Energetic sovereignty. Absorbing what’s not yours)  – The next three months will bring opportunities to explore where you are losing or conserving too much of your personal energy. Doing an energy inventory is a good way to check where you need to either strengthen boundaries or possibly close some doors altogether.  There is no reason to take on burdens that belong to others. Focus on your own health, in all aspects (body, mind, spirit) before helping others. Burn-out is real, and we have been taught to glorify it. The time has come to shift that paradigm and relearn what self-care truly means.

Explore: What boundaries do I have in place?  Are my boundaries healthy ones?  Do I maintain my boundaries or allow others to break through them? What can I do to strengthen healthy boundaries?  What connection do my boundaries have with my health?

April:  Called (Soul gifts and training.  It’s time to step up.)     *As the 2nd quarter begins, and the Equinox approaches, we are being called to step into our power more confidently. We cannot remain in the shadow of others any longer, as that means misaligned boundaries and not taking proper care of our own self.  What is calling to you right now?  Focus there.

May:  Water Your Garden (Nourishment. Body care. Tenderness. Rest.)      *This month the focus is self-care in all respects.  Take time to nourish your body, mind, and spirit by creating a daily routine that balances and energizes you. And no, it doesn’t need to take hours! This energetic stabilizing will have a positive effect on other areas of your life, as well.

June:  Big Picture Thinking (Pleiades energy. Visionary. Inspired ideas.)     *New insight into the connection between how we treat ourselves and what manifests in our lives. There will be seven opportunities to make important changes.  These may be simple or small, but they will also be powerful. Pay attention, as these will connect your past, present, and future in ways you didn’t expect.  You are leveling up.


3rd Quarter (Jul-Aug-Sep):  Your life is a canvas (Artist. Manifestation. Creative accountability.)     *July, August, and September are all about creation, growth, and reaping rewards. You have the power to manifest everything you desire.  Do you have the patience to see it through?  Manifesting is multi-dimensional.  It’s about feeling the energy of it, while acting in the physical world. Revisit your answers to Quarter 1’s exploration questions and see what has stayed the same vs. where you’ve grown.

Explore: What growth have I shown this year? What has held me back?  How are these things connected? What can I do to break a negative pattern? What support do I need?  How can I get that support?

July:  The Courageous Peony (Multifaceted, unique nature. Let yourself be seen.)     *July brings you the chance to take your game to a new level.  Those who encourage you to tone things down are either afraid of or jealous of, your light. Be the unique soul that you are, shine brightly. You will find yourself manifesting the right people and opportunities when you are authentic AF.

August:  You Got the Love (Hadarian energy. Codependency. Boundaries)     *There will be powerful messages about self-love emerging this month. Important: we are loveable, even as we learn to love ourselves. Romantic love will spring from nowhere for some, for others, it’s rekindled in a relationship because hope is born again. Look at patterns that are showing up and ask yourself: How can I shift this pattern?

September:  Star Brothers (Horus energy. Protection. Loyalty. Safety. Trust.)   *You are safe, supported, & doing fine. Shifts old, generational patterns, is hard. Be gentle with yourself if you’re not where you want to be – yet. Remember to manifest our dreams we must do the grunge work first. The layers take time. Make a list of what you’ve already accomplished, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


4th Quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec):  Star Keeper (Cosmic ancestor. Seed the light by staying grounded.)     *The last quarter of 2021 has us re-grounding and connecting with our past in order to move into the future. This entire year has brought us through one transition after another, increasing and strengthening our connections with ourselves and the world around us. Time to reflect on what we’ve learned, the connections we’ve made or let go of, and how this will impact the future as we envision it.

Explore:  What have I learned this year? What connections did I make?  What connections did I deepen?  What did I choose to let go of?  What transitions were the most profound, and why?

October:  Star Ancestors (Hidden secrets. Lost wisdom.  Look a little deeper.)     *Time for an energetic check-in. Don’t get ahead of yourself or move too quickly. Shadow Work is coming up again, as we need to do this in layers. Be open to what you find and be as compassionate and gentle with yourself as you would be with others. Go deeper, gain more wisdom. Be encouraged.

November:  Lost Lands (Soul memories and gifts.  You’ve done this before. )     *Memories, especially through dreams, are coming up. If you find yourself cringing at a memory, stop, don’t push it away. Take a closer look, and then (out loud) say: “I forgive you for saying/doing (thing).  I know better now, and I will do better in the future.” And then release it. You have broken the cycle.

December:  Loosen Your Grip (Coping mechanisms. Density. Addiction. Let God in.)     *Breathe, release. Let it go. You don’t have to carry your entire past with you. We cling to lessons learned because we don’t know who we are without them. It’s time to explore the world without those reminders. Forgive yourself, find peace. As 2021 finishes, allow your lessons learned to be released with it.


2021 has the potential for bringing in many lessons, as well as releasing what we have already completed. One message that is very clear, is that the inner work we are meant to do simply cannot be ignored.  2020 brought an incredible shift to the collective.  2021 is giving us the opportunity to take it further as individuals. Forgiveness and compassion are key, including when dealing with our own shadow side. Love yourself, love the world.  Connect with yourself, connect with each other.


At the end of the year, take time to look back at your journal. What patterns do you see?  What connections can you make about your past and those patterns?  What steps have you taken to change those patterns?  Who was one person you connected with this year that had an impact?  What was one connection you ended and why?


Now, it’s time to activate that stardust.  Connect with the collective.

Click here to download & print a free complimentary journal, formatted especially to be a companion to this blog post & used throughout the year.



As an Angel Intuitive, Channel, Certified Angel Practitioner™ & Medium™, and Certified Archangel Lifecoach™ , who has been working with Angels all her life, Lizbeth brings loving, uplifting messages and angelic advice to clients, guiding them on their path to self-love by creating an oasis of self-care through angels, herbs, Intuitive Holistic Wellness Coaching and Reiki.

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