For this year, I have chosen to use Denise Linn’s Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards.  I feel that they are more than just the tangible I use to connect with Spirit and get information, they are also symbolic:  Each of us is a Sacred Traveler.


We are all sacred travelers on our own paths finding our way home.

The questions we must ask ourselves are:

  • How do we honor the sacred part of ourselves?
  • How do we stay on a path that allows us to honor that sacredness?
  • Where do we even start?


Start with one step. Just one.  Then, take another.


What to expect in 2020:

  • First Quarter:  Progress, movement, and synchronicities
  • Second Quarter:  Free time = better productivity 
  • Third Quarter:  Conceive, Believe, Achieve
  • Fourth Quarter:  Your Light + Authenticity = A healing catalyst


1st Quarter:  Fogged In (“Go slow; take time.”)        * Overall, the first quarter of the year has an almost dreamy quality to it. The focus is on steady progress and movement, even if it’s in small steps. It is especially important for several reasons:  1) You will miss something important if you rush through things.  This may be a lesson, or it may be meeting someone. Don’t rush, don’t push.  And 2) Forcing things along never truly works. Sometimes drifting with life’s energetic currents will put you in the right place at the right time.  Synchronicities happen, and when you take time to quiet yourself, pay attention, and go step by step, you will see things aligning to bring you success.

January:  Traveling Lightly (“Simplify your life.”)        *Declutter and de-stress. Do this a little every day. Pick a room, a drawer, a closet…one thing at a time. If it doesn’t bring you comfort or joy, or serve a necessary purpose, release it. This is as true for home things as it is for clearing out your Facebook friends’ list. Focus more on what you need to bring you peace and relaxation. Less escapism, more living.

Let’s take a closer look at January:

Week of the 5th:  Miracles (“Expect the wondrous to emerge.”)              *Set intentions. See what you uncover while decluttering your physical and social spaces. You may just reignite a spark you’d thought lost. Watch for signs & signals from Spirit. Pay attention to your surroundings – the people, actions, location – there are clues there. It’s a scavenger hunt for someone or something that will bring a miracle to you.

Week of the 12th:  Gates of Triumph (“Success expands in your life.”)              *Every success, regardless of how small should be celebrated.  You got a great parking spot – whoot!  And unexpected coupon at the store?  Yess!  Instead of expecting the worse so you’re not disappointed, expect the best. And when you see positive things happening, send up a little prayer of gratitude.  Expect blessings, expect miracles. They are your Divine Right. Celebrate your joys, unconditionally.

Week of the 19th:  Joy and Delight (“Open your heart to joy.”)              *Always expecting the other shoe to drop will result in just that kind of thing. When something good happens, sit with it for a moment and just breathe in that joy.  Be willing to accept that you do deserve good things, too. Children know this and can help us relearn what we have forgotten:  We are all the same, we are all worthy of happiness and joy, we are all one, and love is the answer.

Week of the 26th:  Impasse (“Reflect and redirect your energy.”)          *Changing your mind about something doesn’t make you wish-washy.  It’s smart to reevaluate and make changes.  It’s how we grow. Instead of staying at a stalemate, change perspective, gather more information, and move ahead – in a new direction if needed. Appreciate what you’ve learned and put that knowledge to use. It’s time to honor your wisdom and move on.

Now, let’s complete the first quarter:

February:  Navigating by the Stars (“Follow your bliss.”)    *What calls to you? What would you be doing if there were no barriers? What is holding you back? Is it your own choice, or are you listening to what others are saying and giving them power over your decisions? Yes, we have responsibilities that can impact our decisions, but there are also steps we can take in the direction of our dreams while still being responsible. Have you started looking at what you can do to get you closer to your perfect life? Write a list of things you can do and choose at least one thing per week that you can act on. Remember to keep your dream alive by taking those action steps, even if right now they are tiny ones.

March:  Answering the Call (“The time is now.”)       *Stop making excuses. And yes, they are excuses. You may not be able to fully implement your plan at this point, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things you could be doing. Strategic planning, outlining, even meditating on what you need to do can help you find a way through the roadblocks. If you resonate with angelic helpers, Archangel Jeremiel is a great go-to for help. I like to call him the “Strategic planner” of the archangels, because he can give insight and perspective into major life changes.  Simple journaling is another way you can work through the resistance. Pick a challenge and start writing about how it’s preventing you from doing what you need to do.  And then… write about how it is simply challenging you, and what you can do to get around it. Step out of that comfort zone. It’s time to take action!


2nd Quarter:  Watching Clouds (“Lie back, rest, and relax.”)       *At times, to be more productive, we need to just stop, get away from the work, and do something completely different. Taking a day off now and again (if you can) helps to rejuvenate and refresh your outlook. Can’t take the time off? Then schedule in a morning or an evening where you can just relax, no cleaning, no dishes, no commitments. Find what works for you.  Making time now can boost your energy, creativity, and problem-solving skills.  It helps you be able to continue being… you.

April:  Uncovering Treasure (“Beneath the surface lies great bounty.”)           *What are you overlooking? There is some aspect of yourself that you are hiding, a talent or ability you aren’t using. Why? What is holding you back from showing others what you are capable of? You are the treasure, my friend, and even those who know you well may not realize just how wondrous you are. Make it a goal to let your talents shine, at least in small ways until you’re comfortable with more.

May:  In the Flow (“Everything is smooth sailing.”)      *Oh yeah… Isn’t it great when we can see the progress we’re making? And honey, you’ve made some great progress this year.  Take a look back and see where you started compared to where you are now. I know there have been some bumps in the road, and you’ve had to jump some hurdles, but dang… you never stopped.  Not once. You kept going! And that helped you get to here. Your flow of creativity and action are taking you places. Now, pause for a moment and celebrate. And envision the second half of the year being just as successful!

June:  Narrow Pathway (“Tread thoughtfully.”)       *Challenges aren’t necessarily setbacks. And even if they turn out to be, it’s not the end of the world. Pause, assess the situation and see where you can be creative in how you deal with things. Did you avoid something you needed to do? Go back and deal with it, and then release the lesson and move on. Sometimes we simply cannot skip steps because they are the building blocks, we create our future on. Build wisely, build strong.


3rd Quarter:  Journey by Moonlight (“Believe in magic!”) and Faraway Places (“Get ready for new horizons!”) *The year is now half over and it’s time to open your eyes and see the magic happening right in front of you. It’s time to do some journaling on the first 6 months of 2020. What were the positives?  What were the challenges? What lessons have you learned?  What would you like to change for the 2nd half of the year? Even do a simple +/- list of everything that’s happened since January. Now, what patterns are you seeing? What has surprised you?  What do you want or need to do differently? Be honest with yourself, remember to celebrate the positives, and to learn from the challenges. You’ve got this. There are amazing things waiting for you in the second half of the year! Conceive, Believe, Achieve.

July:  Wandering Path (“Enjoy the journey.”)           *Who said you need to go straight from point A to point Z? That is so boring, darling! Life is about adventure, taking the path less traveled, meandering from place to place to get the most out of your “earthly tour”. Your goal for July is to get just lost enough that you can embrace your inner explorer and find your way to the next waypoint. See who you meet along the path, and what exciting new treasures you uncover.  These could be people, places, experiences…so many opportunities.  Time to carpe diem, my friend, and do it with a gleam in your eye!

August:  View from Above (“Get the big picture.”)            *It’s all about perspective. At times we need to focus on what is immediately around us. At other times, we need a broader perspective. And sometimes, we need to change our perspective completely. Think about any resistance you’re feeling. Go deeper and find out why you may be feeling this way. Now, what can you do about it? What can you control vs. what do you need to release control of? Once you’ve gotten that figured out, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to do.

September:  Discovering Truth (“You stand in the light of truth.”)           *Authenticity and integrity. Stand up for what you believe in and speak up for those who don’t have a voice of their own. Help people find the truth, especially when their sources are less than reliable. Remember, too, that gentle compassion is the best way to approach most things. Allow the Christed Light to shine within you and guide others.  Be a voice, be a light, be your authentic self.


4th Quarter:  Mystic Healer (“Healing energy flows through you.”)          *Through healing ourselves, we can help others heal. Our journey of healing allows us to better understand what others are going through. It also helps us be stronger and more resilient, so that we can support those around us. The concept of the Wounded Healer is not new, but many still shy away from sharing their stories. It is time to consider sharing yours. There are those who need to hear it, because it will be the catalyst they need to begin (or continue) their healing journeys. You will never know the power of your words, and how much they may mean to someone, including saving a life.

October:  Finding Sanctuary (“Opening to your spiritual source.”)        *Have you been neglecting your spiritual practice? Spirituality comes in many forms, as many as there are individuals. What helps you connect with Spirit? What can you incorporate into your day to maintain a daily connection? Whether it is meditation, prayer, singing, walking in nature…the how you connect isn’t as important as that you do connect. Set a reminder on your phone if you must, until it becomes routine, a part of your daily self-care. Do this for yourself.

November:  Rejuvenating Rain (“Clear the past: heal the present.”)               *It is time to revisit your childhood to heal wounds your inner child has been carrying around. These may be things that happened that you didn’t understand then, but now do. Try writing letters, or having a “conversation” with, your younger self. Pick a memory and use it to guide you. Acknowledge how you felt back then, honor those feelings with compassion. Allow yourself to grieve along side your inner child. If you can, release the pain, and let the healing energy flow.  Repeat as necessary.

December:  Ascending the Mountain (“Keep going forward.”)            *You have made it through another year. The progress on your sacred path has been momentous and needs to be celebrated.  If you doubt how far you’ve come, look back, like you did halfway through the year. See where you were and look at where you are now standing. This doesn’t mean the journey was perfect (it’s not meant to be!), it means you overcame obstacles and challenges to get where you are. You made it through, you came through the fires and rose like the phoenix. You can use this positive energy to continue your journey.  Use your new-found wisdom to guide you, and the relationships you’ve forged to give & take support as needed. Now… live, thrive, be alive.



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